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Yanomami Indians should get their Ancestors Blood Back

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"Yanomami Indians should get their Ancestors Blood Back"
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Throughout time it's been a difficult challenge to make a change in our world today. We have learned that through spreading the word and getting support from our fellow citizens can help determined if that change can be made. Many of times while walking around campus I am asked to fill out a petition for something I barely know anything about or what I am helping my fellow citizen's petition for. We are faced everyday with many people who need our help in something; not necessary making a change in the world, but also standing up for some who feel that they have been taken advantage of.
Yanomami Indians were I believe taken advantage of by many Anthologists. I believe that the Yanomami Indians are good people, with good morals and if they are not returned their ancestors blood their ancestors will remain here. Therefore, they cannot leave this world in peace. American researchers have promised the Yanomami Indians that their blood would be used for fighting the diseases ravaging them. This was not the case at all and their blood was used for research relating to academic subjects such prehistoric migration patterns. I believe these people have helped Anthropologist for little pay and some gifts that were not comparable to how much these Anthologists have gained from their research they have done on the Yanomami Indians.

Pennsylvania State University and the National Cancer Institute both agreed in writing to return the blood of the Yanomami Indians ancestors, yet delay the return. The blood is legally owned by Pennsylvania State University and they have agreed to return it. Therefore, they need to keep their word and return the blood even though it will cost $2000-$3000 dollars. I believe at these times no matter how much you know about the Yanomami Indians that you should reach out and give your hand in helping them get back what was taken from them; even though this does not affect you personally. It is said what goes around comes around; supporting people who have been wrongly treated makes you a better person inside. The Yanomami Indians need their ancestor's blood back immediately so they can begin to feel at peace.

You may have your own opinion on how you feel about this subject. Many people don't care if this does not directly affect them, but remember... if you were in their shoes, wouldn't you appreciate support from others?

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