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Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility – Yes

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"Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility - Yes"
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From a religious perspective, the body is the temple of the soul and as long as changing the body does not change the soul, most would agree that genetic screening is morally acceptable. After this point has been clarified, we then have to answer the question of motivation. If all that we're doing is giving a person a chance at a normal life (normal at least from a physical perspective) then we are already doing that. When CPS removes a child from an abusive home and places them in foster care, we are accomplishing the same thing. We are giving them a chance at a normal life.

Ideally our society would like to provide every person with an equal opportunity to accomplish or become whatever they want. When we already have the resources to diagnose pre-natal conditions that would compromise social fulfillment, do we not have an obligation to correct the problem? You also have to consider the circumstances that would cause a defect. Many times the defect is caused by negligence on the part of the parent during the birth cycle. Should an innocent have to suffer because of a decision that someone else made before they were even born? It would be like a criminal committing a crime and the victim serving the sentence. The victim in this debate does not have a voice and cannot defend itself. It is left to us to serve as judge and jury in this case. Imagine that you are a lawyer that is representing a client that is in a comma. It is your duty to anticipate what you client would want and make a decision on their behalf. Do you really believe that someone who would potentially be disabled for their entire life would ask you to leave things the way that they are when you have the option to cure them before the condition even begins?

There are many disabled people out there that have gone to great lengths to overcome their conditions and contribute to society. There are even those that would view their disability as a blessing because of the opportunities it provided. At the same time, if a person is born without a physical hurdle to overcome, the only thing that holds them back from accomplishing great things is themselves.

This debate isn't about creating super soldiers or about creating a perfect race. It's about giving every person an equal chance at life. The body may be perfect, but the mind is still unique and our choices are still our own. If you asked me to design a child's personality before they were born, I would have to vote "no". But this is about overcoming disease and defects, not about perfecting an imperfect humanity. We're not talking about making people into cyborgs or anything drastic like that. We're talking about giving a crippled person the ability to walk, or a person with a defected hand the ability to write. This isn't about playing god. God wasn't the one that smoked while she was pregnant, or had an accident during birth. Don't allow an innocent to suffer the consequences of a situation that they had no control over.

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