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Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility – No

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"Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility - No"
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Considering genetic screening and engineering to overcome sterility and hopefully guarantee a child free of genetic diseases leaves you with a supermarket mentality concerning people. It takes away the loving and giving aspects of adoptions and replaces it with a buy and sell attitude that will carry on in our thought processes. If the healthy child's lips were thinner than you would like, would you surgically change them?

There is a wonder and a joy in the expectancy of having a child. Most children would be born perfectly healthy and some will have minor imperfections. It is a comparatively few babies that are born with what might be termed severe problems. It is a mistake to concentrate on the negative possibilities when considering having children. This carries over to adopting children as well. Many children that begin healthy become sickly because we are polluting our foods and environment. We have strengths in us that would not fully develop without challenges; there is no need to fear.

There are many things learned in raising children that are important in developing us into people of compassion and understanding. Children with disabilities are a challenge, but also a great opportunity for greater growth and strength than a parent of a healthy child could achieve. One woman of God told God that she would wait to have children. God told her, "There are things I can only teach you through your children." This is the same for your naturally born children and your adopted children.

Knowing what I know now, if I were sterile, I would adopt a child. Most people can have children; that is not so extra special. It is a special person who has a heart to eliminate the loneliness of a child without parents. I would not hesitate to take an older child because they can fully appreciate the feeling of having parents after not having them. The relationship can be stronger than natural children. We are not left without hope of strong child-parent relationships, even if we are sterile. Science is not our hope; and unproven science is a great waste of time, money and emotion that could be spent on an adopted child.

There are many people who can tell their story, that after they adopted, they conceived naturally. You can not buy the joy of these parents or the joy of those who chose to adopt children; but you can take away the opportunity for the greatest of joys by using unnatural ways to conceive a child. Genetic engineering is expensive monetarily, emotionally and spiritually; it is not worth the cost.

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