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Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility – No

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"Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility - No"
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Genetic testing and engineering can be and has been wrong! Science is supposed to be an exact medicine. However, we are humans and there is nothing exact about us. We also have to realize humans program the computers. Humans administer the tests. We all know humans are not perfect. We make mistakes.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was over 30 so they wanted to do some testing since I was at higher risk. I trusted my doctor and I said OK. They performed a alpa - feto protein screener and abnormal chromosome testing. These are both done by a blood test where they look for certain markers. On this day, they gave me genetic counseling. Telling all about the different risks to a child. They gave me my test results. My said my child will have spinal bifida . They suggested that I might want to entertain having an abortion since my child will have so many problems. I chose to have my child no matter what so I declined. I switched doctors the next day.

We were fortunate and blessed. My daughter is beautiful and perfect. She has all her limbs and her spine is graceful and healthy. She is intelligent and fun.If I had listened to the test results and felt that I did not want to bring a possibly ill child into the world I would have killed a perfectly beautiful child. The test was wrong.

When the perform genetic screening they take a family history. What if you are adopted and do not know the history? The results will not be accurate. They will them take blood, urine and sometimes amniotic fluid which is dangerous to the child to get the results. They also may take cells from inside your cheek. Depending on disease and family history they sometimes want to test the fetus as well. This is extremely dangerous.They may also do chromosome testing which is through a blood test and or through the amniotic fluid,

These tests help to locate diseases you might carry even though you do not have them,They find recessive genes that you might or might not pass on to your child. These test are not 100 percent accurate. They simply mean you may be at risk. We are all alive. We are at risk everyday.

If you are pregnant, some of these test are time sensitive so if your date is wrong your test results could also be wrong.

I fear for the future as we have more science in the natural birth process. It will become a supermarket of choosing what child you want. I fear that having a child will become a business. If it does it will be a select market where people who really love children and want then will not be able ato afford them.I fear people who have no business being a parent will be the ones to have them.

Not all insurance companies pay for these tests. My fear is that if you agree to these test, than the insurance company steps in depending on your results. They may or may not pay for necessary care for your child and the pregnancy. They may tell you if you are high risk that they won't pay. Then what do you do? I hope it never occurs but the way they tell us what we can and cannot do I would think it is in the future. We are by nature mammals, which are animals. Animals have children all the time without all these test.We should go back to basics. Who are we to pick and chose which child we keep and which we we discard? If you do not want to take the risk- it is very simple, do not get pregnant. But if chose to have a get pregnant, love yourself, and love your child. Will you really love your child less if it is sick? I know it may be more difficult but would you love less?

I think sometimes we go to far. Humans have been evolving and having children for years. The way we conceive and the process of birth has really not changed. We may have a sick child but we also may have a beautiful child. We never know. You could have all the genetic testing you want and then you have a stroke, get hit by a car or have an allergic reaction and everything you knew changes in a second. Would I take advantage of the testing. My answer is no! Instead of worrying and living with a bunch of what ifs I just enjoy life and all that it brings.

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