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World Water Day a Year Long Commitment

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"World Water Day a Year Long Commitment"
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On March 22 World Water Day 2009 will be recognized in countries all over the Earth. For some, this is a day to celebrate the gift water brings to humanity. For everyone this should represent a year-long commitment to the continuing preservation of this priceless resource. Since 1992 observing World Water Day grew from an initiative put forth at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.

Now this annual event represents an opportunity for organizations to work together with many countries developing conservation and preservation plans for this dwindling natural resource. This makes World Water Day a year-long commitment, a commitment to make a conscious daily effort to preserve our water resources.

In a country like America or other first world nations, a conscious daily effort to preserve water resources may seem like enough however in countless other countries less fortunate, preservation, and conservation cannot even begin until isolation of contaminants and identification of an actual water resource occurs.

World Water Day is the culmination of efforts stemming from organizations seeking to develop action plans and a platform in which to base their annual efforts receiving donations and support from activists passionate in providing water to all populated regions. This day serves as a rallying point to remind everyone of the very precious nature of water and that this resource can never be taken for granted. With world populations growing everywhere at once, even regions where water is not a challenging proposition to some, without awareness, eventually it will become a challenge for all.

For the proponents of World Water Day, it is not just an annual event, but the culmination of a decade of action with plans for the preservation and conservation of water until 2015. The annual event represents an opportunity to demonstrate progress towards objectives in the short and long terms. For there is no real reason why everyone on the planet cannot enjoy pure, clean water for drinking so long as environmentally sound actions are implemented.

That being said, we have a long way to go towards implementing environmentally sound solutions to water shortages all over the world. It remains the responsibility of the more fortunate to provide the technology and assistance necessary to those less fortunate for all to enjoy this basic human need. World Water Day is just one of the many reminders of the need and the work remaining to be done for people all over the world in need of technology, assistance, and more importantly water.

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