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Wobbly Earth Means your Horoscope is Wrong

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"Wobbly Earth Means your Horoscope is Wrong"
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Is it time to stop asking  "What's your sign?" Probably. It seems that all of the science that has gone into devising astrological charts is no good. The Earth wobbles and the wobbling caused the planet to shift itself around enough to shake up its orientation to the stars. This means that anything that ties a person's expected fate (not to mention personality and characteristics) to the stars is off by about a month.

The charts that diviners use to interpret a person's fate that began on the year, day, hour, minute and possibly second of their birth were made based on star positions from about 2,000 years ago. Since then, the Earth has been wiggling and wobbling like Little Egypt who is being featured in a newly discovered and very rare video at YouTube today.

In one sense, there are two star charts: astronomical star charts and astrological star charts. Astronomical observations show that the sun is in one position while Astrological records have the sun in another position.

Here is one of the results of the wobble from a Live Science article: During the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, the star that most closely aligned with the North Pole was Thuban, in the constellation Draco. Now, Polaris is the star that is most closely aligned with the North Pole. In 12,000 years, the North Star is expected to be Vega, in the constellation Lyra.

The wobble is caused by "precession", which is the effect of the moon's gravitational pull with a special attraction to the Earth's Equator. Precession is not a new area of knowledge since  Aristarchus of Samos knew about it sometime around 280 B.C.

  If a person drove a dowel through a melon, then wobbled the melon around, the dowel, representing the Earth's axis, would swing in a circle and would point in different directions. This is what is going on with the North Pole, indicating that the sky's orientation to the Sun and all of the stars in the universe changes a lot more than expected.

What is Ophiuchus? Ophiuchus (Nov. 29-Dec. 17) was a 13th star sign and formation. The Babylonians wanted 12 star signs, so they got rid of Ophiuchus. It is not known whether Ophiuchus will be put back into the lineup after the recent revelations.

The Washington Post has a few new astrological charts for those who are concerned that, for example, they were once Cancer and are now Gemini. The official scientific position is that there is no evidence that astrological analysis does anything real when trying to determine a person's personality traits, actions, fate or future.

But many sources, including CBS on line are citing a recent Harris Poll claiming that 31 percent of Americans believe in some form of Astrology. The new revelations are not stopping the hard core astrology followers since astrology charts and advice are being reconfigured right now.

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