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With Gustav Looming is new Orleans Prepared for another Major Hurricane – No

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"With Gustav Looming is new Orleans Prepared for another Major Hurricane - No"
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Even if the reinforcement and restructuring of the levies were complete, to the best of man's abilities, no one can ever be prepared for a major hurricane or any kind of natural disaster that looms. To be prepared, suggests to have an inordinate sense of confidence that all is well and thus speak, as it were, to say, "Bring it on. I'm ready and nothing can touch me!" Does any human have that kind of confidence, especially in regards to the awesome and, as of late, unpredictable power of nature? Can any man control the sea, the winds, the lightning; the almighty forces of nature?

I've been following the news and as I do, silent prayer for the people goes out, that they will have discernment and will flee to the mountains, if that is what needs to be done. From my limited understanding of the terrain it would seem to me that New Orleans is a "house of straw," and that with one good puff from the big bad wolf, in the blink of an eye it would crumble and be swallowed up.

We assay the damages caused by a previous natural (meaning of "nature")disaster and think to ourselves, "Okay, the waves were 5 feet high, I'll double the height and for good measure and a few more feet on top of that and we'll be safe." I envision mother nature laughing at our feeble attempts to outsmart her; she's relaxed and sitting back, watching and likely thinking, "Oh feeble man, when will you learn?" Is there a lesson to be learned?

Over the last few years as I have watched disaster after disaster strike the United States, ripping through its communities, I've also noted the repeated pounding of certain areas and wondered why. I plead my ignorance of American politics and governance (I am Canadian and it is said a little knowledge is dangerous) and am only supposing based on what little I do know of the country, its rulers and its history. What I do know is what is written in the "history" book, if you will, called the Bible/Torah. Take a look at what is referred to as the "Old Testament" and read about the places, the peoples who were destroyed; absolutely wiped out as if they had never existed. Having been a student of the Most High, a devourer of the Written Word, I seek to draw parallels between "then" and "now"; to see what kind of atrocities we have committed against YHWH. Yes I say against our Creator, because in the times of the Patriarchs like Isaac, Abraham and even Noah - mankind had so tested YHWH's mercies to the point where He could no longer sit by and do nothing. If you believe anything you've read (presuming you have read any of the Torah), you know there is a point when the stench of our flagrant sin and rebellion becomes so repugnant to YHWH that He can no longer hold back.

Go back to the book of Genesis folks and read how the earth and all that is in it - how the universe was created. It was YHWH who set the boundaries of nature! If He set the boundaries, if He spoke to the sea and gave it the parameters and how far it could go and then must stop; gave the winds the directions, the speed and the force with which they should blow - can He not remove those boundaries?

I believe that there are people in New Orleans who are prepared, but is the community as a whole prepared? No. The people who are prepared, likely in pockets throughout New Orleans, are those people who see, "the handwriting on the wall," who are crying out to the L-rd, "If but 10 righteous people can be found YHWH, will You restrain your anger and save this city?" Is that not what Abraham did when confronted by the L-rd about Sodom and Gomorrah? I'm not suggesting New Orleans is a Sodom or a Gomorrah - I am just saying that I believe there has got to be a reason for the repetition. Is there a lesson to be learned?

As for the community at large being prepared, if they think they are, then they are indeed blind and see not, have ears but hear not. I am not saying New Orleans is any better nor any worse than any place else in the United States (or Canada or the world for that matter). What I am saying is that if something keeps happening over and over again, it is time to take a serious look at what "might" be the cause; what "might" be bringing this on. Is there a lesson to be learned?

Personally speaking, on a much smaller scale, when things have continuously gone wrong in my own life, it has only stopped when I've been given eyes to see what needed changing and then taken action. History will repeat itself, on a minute or a grand scale, until the lesson is learned and we take action to correct the catalyst that keeps inviting the "punishment," the "disastrous" events to repeat themselves.

"Hear O New Orleans, the L-rd, the L-rd Thy G-d is One!" Does not the American banner say, "One Nation under G-d?" If any believer read this article poured out, may s/he turn to the book of Micah and see and hear what is said therein.

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