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Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium – Yes

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"Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium - Yes"
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The written text will survive unless we all vanish from this planet. The assurances are simple, written text was limited to a few thousands of years. The reading of the written word was also very limited to the educated, mainly the Clergy.

500 years ago the printing press was invented and the news started to travel a little faster.
The Clergy had a foothold before on the education of the ordinary folks and it took another 200-300 hundred years before education of citizens was promoted by governments. Clergy took care of good and evil, governments took care of taxation and businesses were promoted by governments so that the average working guy had the ability to pay the dues to church and the king.

Collective printed wisdom is available through the media and is educating everybody into a common way of looking at everything. Lack of printed wisdom caused a convoluted interpretation of the scriptures in the western world that also invented the printing press.
The scriptures are now read, or are available to be read, by everyone causing an explosion of arguments of what is, and what is not. Science is proving the ages of the world, saying that nature and life on earth is billions of years old. Space travel is proving that gravity on the moon is a lot less than on earth, and how far and difficult it is to get there.

Through years of reading material even non scientists are more inclined to believe in evolution because evidence is better understood and is becoming overwhelming in favor.
On the Internet I can check all the theories and find plenty of articles that support evolution. The written word is still king.

There is no evidence to suggest that people came into being billions of years ago, we only know that life came into being billions of years ago. We know that people evidence started some million years ago. So life and people are many hundreds of millions of years apart.
The written word is so important to communicate, because the written word only, is proof what we thought and meant yesterday.

Science is the art to proof what we said and meant yesterday is true or false. Yesterday we were told that the moon was made of cheese and the earth was flat, today we know better.

The bible with the scriptures is telling what happened and science is testing these things and telling us that this or that could not have happened. We now know that God is in the imagination of the humans' mind only. Science is not proving the information that it is corrrect to belief that God is a super human being although the written word in the dictionary says it is.

Before people there was no written language and no need for one, before people there was no need for a word like God either. When people came of age and started to communicate the word God came to mind because of acts of nature. There was no concept of nature in those days so not even a spoken word was allocated to "nature". Nature was certainly doing things to us and we found an answer into allocating the acts of nature to God. He done it, must have been an awesome explanation. God is a name for nature and the written word will prevail to proof it.

Is life itself a mystery? Not really, proof is that we are here alive and well and who can imagine the activities of billions of years anyhow?

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