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Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium – Yes

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"Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium - Yes"
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Yes ,I think that the written text will survive as a communication medium. People , especially the older generation say that it is more personal to speak to someone directly than e-mailing them or sending a text message via a mobile, but the younger generation have just come to accept the text message as a form of communication.

Texting may not be the ultimate in communication , or the most effective, but it is here to stay, and anyway the people who oppose it are a dying breed. Texting is very useful in
emergency situations, or if you just want to remind your spouse to turn off the gas or send a reminder for him to pick up the kids from swimming lessons.

I must admit though that there is a downside to sending a written text. How many times has it upset you when the current guy you're seeing breaks up with you sending a text message? It is the ultimate cowards way out. Funeral messages as well are much to personal to send via a written text. We can use these downsides as a way of trying to rid society of the written text, but we have to understand the benefits that come with using this form of communication. One of the benefits of using written text messages is that it is fast, effective, convenient and cheap. How simple is it when mum or dad who is suffering from major body aches and pains do not have to climb the stairs to check if the lights are off, but text you to keep a check on these things.

People also send written text messages as a form of stress relief.It is quite fun receiving funny text messages from friends and families. It is also a quick and easy way to wish someone a 'Happy Birthday' or a 'happy New Years', because people are generally too busy at this time of year to personally contact large numbers of friend and relatives.

Life has also become far too rushed and complicated these days. Written text messages can save a working mum or busy executive loads of time . They can further save time by typing in short hand.

Written text messages also add flavor to a relationship, especially if the couple have just met or are chatting on line. It reduces the stress of the relationship, and makes flirting much more fun at the beginning of the relationship.

The text message has saved people time, money and stress from the time it has been introduced to modern society. I cannot see the modern or even ultra modern world doing away with it, as other alternatives to the text message is going to prove more expensive and time consuming.

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