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Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium – Yes

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"Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium - Yes"
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We have to be happy to be able to express ourselves through written text. The written text will never die out. The reason? Because people like writing and expressing their thoughts, feelings, ideas, events through the words. Written text is the testimony of existence of a certain event. Since communication matters and has many forms, the written word certainly plays an important role.

Books, letters, poems, novels - all these products of written text will always be necessary. It is hard to imagine life without them. Many things in our lives would be forgotten without the written text.

Written text will always have a significant place in our communication. People love to communicate in many ways and many still love the written word. Writing is a natural way of expression for many people. They also like reading well-written novels, books, poems, texts. Therefore, there is no reason for its vanishing.

Writing letters, as an intimate form of communication is certainly not going to disappear. It may be declining but, in fact, everybody likes to receive a postcard with warm, friendly written words by a friend.

The lovers who exchange love letters and communicate in this fashion know how thrilling and charming it is. The love letters prove their love and they know that love exists. It is their - written on the paper. This is so comforting and really nice.

Written word shows our need to put our thoughts to paper. It is an effective way of collecting your ideas that travel randomly in your mind. When transferred to paper, they help you to figure out what you really want to say.

Moreover, writing, reading and communicating are so closely linked. They need one another. They also need people. So, communication will always use this form of expression. So many novels, poems, plays, songs are to be written and shown to us.

The written text has an astonishing appeal. You broaden your horizons through many books, newspapers, magazines. This is always interesting and thrilling. Thus the written text will never disappear. It proves that people like to communicate in many different ways and that they appreciate reading and writing. Well rounded thoughts, ideas wrapped and put in a form of an interesting article have its audience. They recognize the value and effort put in this article.

Communication has many forms. The desire to express yourself is also one of the reason why written text will never disappear. It will survive because it is like a child who wants to know everything. It is an imprint of our existence. The words, these little soldiers of communication, provide us with an opportunity to exchange and share everything we know. We are able to be better and to advance as human beings because of that.

This is a magic formula of a happy and meaningful life. Life would be emptier and lonelier without it.

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