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Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium – Yes

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"Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium - Yes"
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Written text is as old as communication and will remain a semi-permanent record for all time. It seems bizarre that a growing and widely held belief suggests electronic media is superseding written communication. Think about it for a minute: If we were to surrender all written communication and exclusively use electronic writing devices and storage where could you possibly find instructions required to repair the machine on which this data is stored?

There will always be a place for written communication no matter how technologically advanced we become. Nobody can live in absolutes, what I mean by this is if we were all to carry some kind of inbuilt personal computers on which we store everything required for life what happens when power fails? Batteries yes but what happens when they deplete?

Here is another position from which you may consider the fallacy of written text becoming obsolete. How are we going to identify anything? What can we devise that would supersede some form of identifying marks (letters and numbers) on our input peripherals? Colours will not work because we have a problem called colour blindness afflicting some people moreover even for the most acute of colour discerners there is no possible way to clearly identify between shades of grey. Shapes perhaps but are we not going in a circle here and reinventing written communication in a new form?

Learn to read text and write effectively folks because no matter how much some futurist would dream of a total emersion into electronic communication there will always be a place in the world for written text. Perhaps micro-chips in some kind of bio-recognition framework will become our way of life and there can be no doubt that technology will continue accelerating. Nobody can know what our future holds other than this:

There are now three certainties in life:


And of course

Written Text

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