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Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium – No

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"Will Written Text Survive as a Communication Medium - No"
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We can all see major changes in communication. Chat rooms replacing the playgrounds. Texting/Emailing replacing flyers and post-its. Will written text survive.. yes but at a fraction of what it once was.. if, of course, you choose to let it die. This is a grave subject. Are you familiar with the term "The medium is the message" coined by Marshall McLuhan in 'Understanding Media: The Extenstions of Man'.. sadly our children don't read anymore.. of they are reading less and less and so goes our culture.

If written text does die.. it will be television that killed it. Rapid fire scene to scene.. constantly entertained and you wonder why so many kids have ADD.. they're used to everything packed in 30 minutes.. broken up by commercials. Or accustomed to the idea that all of life's problems can be solved in an hour and half.. No longer do they sit and read. The brain power it takes to watch Friends as compared to reading a robust Henry Miller.. Who wants to read Henry Miller when you can turn on the tube? Do you truly understand the consequences of this new epistemology? The Age of Reason came about as a result of the proliferation of books.. books that appeal to logic and reason.. facts clearly laid out to be discussed. Our age of entertainment merely appeals to image. It's all about image. Ask a politician. Abraham Lincoln would stand on a stump and lecture in book form for four hours.. followed by a rebuttal of the same time.. followed by another chunk of time. This is what debates were like. Present presidential debates are laughable. Do you know the facts and what the issues are? Do your children? Why not? The medium is the message my friend.

So ask yourself.. what is knowledge and how is it obtained. Does the medium of literature lend itself to a 'better' culture than the medium of television? What about education? Do you think showing videos in class is just as effective as a reading assignment? Will information be better understood and retained longer if from a video documentary or book? Will written text survive? Only if you choose to let it survive.

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