Will we have the Ability to Morph into Animals or at least Develop their Traits – No

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"Will we have the Ability to Morph into Animals or at least Develop their Traits - No"
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Human beings are already like animals in their traits. Always have been to varying degrees and always will be to varying degrees.

When human beings are born, at the most base level, they are like animals in that they are driven to survive by instincts and reactions. They will pitch mortifying fits to get what they want. They will just take a poop anywhere. They will bite, steal the food off of your plate, climb in your closet and get into your stuff. They will even eat stuff off of the floor. They crawl like animals too. Left to itself, and I mean with minimal care, a human being is very much an animal, because the very important parts of being human are experienced and taught. In other words, if one never learned their value and to appreciate the value of other human life, what's there to stop them from killing just for the hell of it?

If you mean by "Morph", the actual molecular restructure of physicalities to the animal desired, then no. If you mean by the desire of the mind and by mocking traits of the animal, then yes. And it's already been done. Millions of times, across the world.

If I were in the wild, somewhere, I would have an amplified sense of danger. Just like a rabbit. I would also have an amplified sense of predatory ability. Like the eagle, I would find food. I would do all that I could to camoflauge myself just to survive. I would also seek shelter. I would be about 2 degrees from vicious. Why? Because there are a lot of boogers in the wild and I'd not go out without a fight. In fact, I wouldn't go out.

There has been much talk of "Shape-Shifters" in various tribes of people. This is old stuff. Nothing new. The concept has been with us forever.

My personal desire is to live a life as far beyond the animal I can be, to be the most enlightened human being that I can be. One of the most highly prized traits of the human being is that of self control and the ability to analyze complex situations. Animals cannot practice self control on a daily basis in complex situations for extended periods of time. Human beings can.

And the other side of the human baby? They like to be cared for. They don't want to be left in a cave in the dirt as their moms go out to kill a deer. They don't want to be cold or too hot. They can sense when things are not right emotionally with their mom or dad. Human babies, to varying degrees also have the ability to plan, scheme and manipulate situations. They also don't go around sniffing people as an animal does, though they do recognize the smell of their mother.

I can't imagine anyone honestly wanting to become an animal. But I can imagine that in certain situations, a person would want to be in touch with their animal side.

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