Will the Hadron Collider Solve the Secret of Mass

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"Will the Hadron Collider Solve the Secret of Mass"
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Since the discovery of the neutron in the 1930's , there has been an attitude in physics that the secrets of the universe will be discovered by doing more and more "Atom-smashing" with the idea that as the atoms are torn apart they will reveal more and more of their secrets in the tiny particles that appear. There is just as likely an explanation for these tiny, "short-lived" particles-that they are artifacts of the conditions. They are alternate states of matter, no more fundamental than the atoms which were destroyed to form them.

The ultimate result of this idea is in the huge "Hadron Collider" constructed under Switzerland and France where there will be attempts made this summer by smashing Lead ions, and/or protons into one another at an effective relative velocity of twice the speed of light in an attempt to create "Higgs Bosons," the supposed "Bestower of Mass." Twice the speed of light happens to be a possible starting velocity of a shock wave which would create a "Universe-Anti-universe set. That is, if one is familiar with the little-known "Oscillator/ Substance Model of Existence." Were one familiar with that model, one would realize that the search for the Higgs Boson as the "bestower of mass," is inanity. What "Mass" is. is in plain sight. That is, if one accept that Existence must consist of some basic unit and/or substance. In this view, "Mass" is simply a measure of the balance of pressures between the part of the "Substance/Matrix" within the surface of the entity under consideration and the rest of the "Substance/Matrix."

The particle physicists have a vested interest in maintaining the fiction that the secrets of the universe lie within the atom. This is where their training is. This is where their livelihood is. To think of considering a relatively simple explanation that would, in effect, say that much of the theoretical work of the last half-century or more was based on misconceptions, is totally unacceptable.

To make it worse, there appears to be a very strong feeling within the scientific community that the Hadron Collider will furnish very valuable data and that the people in Hawaii who have filed suit to block it have no legitimate concerns. After all, one of the greatest engineering feats of all time could not possibly by one of the greatest "Boondoggles" of all time, and a potentially dangerous one at that?

Again I turn to the Oscillator/Substance Model, which, of course, may not be correct, it is only a model. However, one result of the model is the suggestion that spiral galaxies are coordinated to an oscillator in their exact center, the so-called, "Black Hole." Furthermore, it is suggested that the coordination may have taken place when a random group of entities happened to fall into a perfect circular rotation which would coordinate to an exactly aligned oscillator. If this last guess has any possible validity, the circle of the Hadron Collider, which is a "set-up" to do some sort of oscillation, could well coordinate to an oscillator in its center to form a 'mini-galaxy" within. What would happen after that is any one's guess. One possibility is to create another small asteroid belt between the orbits of Venus and Mars.

It would be very ironic if a proof, of sorts, of the Oscillator/Substance Model were to occur in such as way that no one could ever know....

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