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"Will Science and Technology Conquer Water Related Diseases - Yes"
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You have to wonder about this subject. I am sure everyone has thought about it. The fact of the matter is what are we going to do about it? We are to blame for allot of our water-related problems we need knowledge. Think about this for a minute,Our bad waters are largely due to increased pesticide use witch causes serious public problems and also environmental problems. Soil erosion,over fertilized crop land. Soil erosion and mineral depletion removes $20 million acres of crop land. Irrigation waters require more energy to pump and fossil fuels are used to process our water. Do you know it takes 500 years to replace 1 inch of top soil? Top soil is built up of decaying matter and weathered rock and is protected from erosion from growing plants in natural environment. And soil erosion and mineral depletion removes about $20 billion worth of plants nutrients from u.s. agricultural soils each year. Every year we are losing millions and millions of acres of cropland due to soil erosion. Overdraft is accruing in many surface waters. Example would be say the Colorado river will be a trickle by the time it reaches the pacific. Surface water is only 60% of water used in irrigation coming from ground water aquifers. Ground water is recharged by rain water through our earths crust. Now think about how much water it takes to feed our crops witch in return feeds us. And each person on an average eats 2,000 pounds of food per year. I have read that we might have a fighting chance if so many things are done. And maybe if we all change a couple things in our life this can help dramatically. If we get sound environmental technologies put in place and sound agricultural technologies put in place. This is a start but much more needs to happen. There are natural product companies out there that have also came up with solutions' as in products that can help clean up our environment. We need to put back the natural state of our waters and it starts with everything you put on you grass. Do you know that everything you put on your grass goes right to your drinking water. Little steps like that will help. Along with our waste water departments. If they could use natural products instead of chlorine and other nasty chemicals this would be a good start. The bottom line is we need to think before we do something. It really is up to all of us. Me myself am trying to do my part I have been working with a company called BioFeed Probiotics and I can't believe what these products can do. I am trying to get awareness out there. And this is what leads me to write this article "awareness" for all of us.

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