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Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts – Yes

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"Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts - Yes"
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Will political setbacks for stem cell advocates destroy medical research efforts? YES!

If there is one person, one life that is lost while an unaffected group of politicians, sipping bottled water whilst being paid to ponder whether or not medicine should be allowed to assist a life. Perhaps giving that person a chance to continue living, using a piece of the human body, otherwise considered refuse. They have, in fact destroyed more than medical research's efforts, they have destroyed life!

Allow the research to go on and clinical trials to begin. Debate all you want while the medical community tires to save lives. Perhaps both groups will come to conclusions at the same time. Perhaps one of the statistics will shake one of the politician's hands and say Thank you sir for allowing me to live.

Maybe then at the very least, that one man will stop looking at the numbers on his charts and graphs as expendable and realize that each one of those numbers is a living, breathing human being. Men, women and children who have lives that they wish to continue.

Maybe then they will realize that when they hold back medical research, healthcare reform and the like that they are not only juggling numbers but playing a game of potential life and death. Perhaps even at that point, someone will realize how important it is to expedite matters concerning others existence.

But no, this isn't what is going to happen. There is one way and one way only that the politicians, the government in general will become crusaders for the human cause: IF THEY ARE DIRECTLY AFFECTED!

Not until a person in power is directly affected by something such as the immediate need for something like stem cell research. It will remain a virtual ping pong ball, bounced back and forth nonchalantly, no resolution in sight.

To those of you that hold the opinion that political setbacks for stem cell advocates will not destroy medical research efforts. Would your opinions remain the same if while this debate went on, someone you knew and loved perished that may have been helped?

If we take away the politics, the statistics, the numbers and the business of it all. Bring it back to what its really about. It may very well be controversial to some. To others it is the difference between life and death.

There is a place for politics and a place for medicine.

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