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Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts – No

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"Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts - No"
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It is absolutely ridiculous to think that political setbacks will destroy stem cell medical research. Here's a dirty little secret that embryonic stem cell advocates and the media don't want you to know about, embryonic, cord blood and adult stem cell medical research is being conducted every single day here in the United States.

Furthermore, Federal and State governments have plunked down hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars every year to fund that research and private enterprise has tossed in hundreds of millions more. So all of the public debate, legislative proposals, and concerns about religion playing a role in this debate are really a straw man argument, because the research is ongoing.

Confirmation of this fact came in a report by the Financial Times of London, which identified the United States has being the nation leading the way when it comes to Stem cell research of all kinds.

The only real impact politics is having on this debate is the continuing string of liberal politicians from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and John Kerry to John Edwards that continue to pander on the hopes and fears of families who have been mislead into thinking that embryonic stem cell cures for their loved ones are right around the corner.

The simple fact according to bio-ethicist and author Wesley J. Smith writing in the Weekly Standard, "there are 72 maladies for which human patients have received some benefit (which is not the same as being "cured") from adult stem cell or umbilical cord blood interventions. Meanwhile, embryonic stem cells have yet to demonstrate any human therapeutic use."

Yet there are countless examples of political pandering like John Edwards claiming on the campaign trail in the 2004 Presidential election "if John Kerry is elected president then (actor) Christopher Reeve will get up out of that wheel chair." This is political pandering at it's worst and at the time an out and out lie.

If embryonic stem cell research truly was the panacea that pandering politicians and the media would have you believe, then biomedical research companies would be lining up to spend billions of dollars in pursuit of cures because the payoff would be so huge if the cures came to fruition. It's simple business economics.

According to Smith, writing for the National Review Online there is a reason why private companies and investors have poured millions of dollars into adult stem cell research while limiting investment in embryonic stem cell research is simple, "because adult therapies are so much closer to fruition than embryonic approaches."

Much of this issue is driven by the current sound bite mentality and a lack of critical thinking skills on the part of too many Americans. Most are content to form their opinions on critical matters based on what they are spoon fed in 7 second snippets, rather than doing the heavy lifting of examining issues closely then forming knowledgeable opinions.

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