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Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts – No

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"Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts - No"
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We often give more credit to political decision makers than is due. Those involved in politics believe that they are the be all and end all of every thing we do in this country. When you look at the few things our government has decided to do, such as enforcing illegal immigration laws, or winning the war on drugs, it becomes very clear that the political willpower changes with the wind. To say that they hold the power to kill the medical research effort is absurd.

Our country is based on free market enterprise and privatized businesses. If America were to be a communist or socialist state, all moneys and decisions would be in the hands of those in office. This would also kill virtually all of the successful research that would otherwise be realized. Let me explain. In countries where the profit of drug companies is regulated or capped in any way, less money is spent on research, therefore fewer effective drugs are created. If someone told you that you could only 10% on the sale of your house, would you spend 30% on upgrades? In the free market, 30% in upgrades could possible bring you 50% more money. The more our federal government stays out of lives, the better off we are!

Another thing that should be considered is the issue of states' rights versus the jurisdiction of the federal government. While Washington DC may be against funding research, states in the New England area and other states with similarly liberal social policies still provide funding. The feds as of right now have no ability to prohibit the states from doing so, and so it should stay. A federalist society borders on Fascism, and the state governments, theoretically are more in touch with their constituents.

Political setbacks are exactly that. Setbacks. There is no move to amend the constitution in order to protect the sanctity of life. The moves we see right now are merely the empty suits of Washington trying to convince us that they are more conservative than they actually are. President Bush knows he has disappointed the conservatives and is probably afraid they may not come out to support the Republicans. This weak effort at appeasement will fade away after the next man comes into office. The issue at hand is still a fairly new one. Once the debate is stale, back room deals will be made and the funding will probably be available. Isn't that the way politics are done?

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