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Wildfire Prevention Tips

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"Wildfire Prevention Tips"
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We all love the beauty and wildness of our natural forest and as a whole try to preserve it. The biggest threat to a forest is a “wildfire” and it is our job as humans to take responsibility for it and try to ensure that wildfires don’t occur. Here are a few simple tips that we all should take notice of and try to teach others about.

If you are enjoying a nature walk in a state or national park, make sure to adhere to the parks rules especially with regards to fire safety. If you happen to be a smoker, be aware of your surroundings and make sure that when you are done with your cigarette that you distinguished of it properly to ensure it is completely out. Then you should actually wrap the butt in a plastic bag and throw it in a designated trash bin or take it with you would be even better. But never just throw it down and stomp on it thinking the fire is out.

Camping is a wonderful outdoor adventure that millions of people love to enjoy every year. Along with camping is a camp fire, regardless of how hot it may have been during the day, all campers love to have a campfire at night and to cook meals over it. This is all fine and part of the good time, but when you leave camp to go swimming the next day or to leave the park for good, you need to remember to pour water on the fire or cover it completely with some dirt to smother it. You will need to wait a few minutes to make sure that whatever you put on it to put it out has worked before you leave the camping area.

Back to the smoker again and a simple cigarette butt being thrown from a car window in a heavily wooded area. This is recipe for a disaster just waiting to happen, and it does more often than the average person may think. If it does get started, it only takes a small breeze on that tiny butt to make a flame and then if the wind picks up it can surely carry the flame to other trees and underbrush.

 If the area happens to already be dry from lack of rain then this situation can turn deadly for all the creatures that live in the woods and the families that have homes in the outlying areas. The consequences can spiral out of control in a matter of minutes, that all started with someone’s lack of concern or responsibility toward to bigger picture. So use your automobiles ashtray, never throw your cigarette butt out the window, you never know where it may land.

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