Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

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"Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings"
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There are many reasons why the US would cover up the existence of UFO's. The fact is the US government does not want it publicly known that UFO's are visiting our planet. From military technology to Alien conspirators the imagination can provide a plethora of reasons for covering up Alien visitation.

Let us begin with the most reasonable reason to cover up the existence of UFO's and work from there. The most rationale reason is that we do not know how much of a threat these beings pose and that we do not want them to know how useless or effective our technology will be should it become necessary to defend our selves. This is a purely military perspective as to why we would cover up the sightings. In the most basic terms we don't want them to know how much we know.

Another reasonable reason to cover up UFO sightings is that we do not want other nations to know what technology we may have salvaged from downed alien space craft. If we admit that we have this technology or that we have reverse engineered this technology then other nations knowing the technology is more advanced than anything we could come up with on our own in less than a very long time might be less friendly toward us. If we make UFO sightings seem to be hoaxes or the crackpots then we can laugh when our allies ask did we reverse engineer it from alien tech, in other words we don't want to share what we know even with our allies.

Less reasonable yet still within the realm of possibility is the idea that we have been invaded. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the military covers up UFO sightings to hide the fact that our military and governments have been compromised by alien infiltrators.

One last crazy idea to round out the article is that the aliens themselves may have asked our government to cover up the sightings. The Aliens we have been in contact with may know of more belligerent aliens that our solar system is moving toward. The Mayan calendar suggests that our planet is approaching a region of space where disaster will occur. The "good" aliens may be secretly preparing us for a conflict that we have no choice but to participate in due to the fact that our star is orbiting the center of the galaxy and will be entering a region of space that we may not be able to leave for a very long time since our star moves so slowly around the center of the galaxy.

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