Why Winning Makes People more Aggressive toward the Defeated

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"Why Winning Makes People more Aggressive toward the Defeated"
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Winning at any endeavor, may give the winner an immediate adrenalin surge. In some televised sports, we have seen players who beat their own chest and raise a triumphant pointing finger that indicates their number one status. This adrenalin surge or show of bravado may be looked upon as a boastful, conceited act. These players must remember that there isn't an I in team sports. So, why does it seem that these winning players are more aggressive toward the defeated players?

The world of sports is filled with methods to psyche yourself up for the win. Most people, will recall Heavy weight boxing Champion Muhammad Ali as he taunted his opponent in and out of the boxing ring. These taunt delighted his fans and pumped him up simultaneously. The fans seemed to be the second opponent in the ring as they cheered Ali on and reminded him what he had promised to do to his opponent. After all, the crowd  of fans can also get way out of hand at times. 

A baseball game that took place in California with their beloved Dodgers resulted in an innocent fan being beaten nearly to death by some over zealous and out of control fans. The players on the team may have played a role in this  type of aggressive behavior if they don't remain civilized and sportsman like as they play the game. These professional players must lead by example.  Taunting and harassing the players on the losing team should be outlawed in any professional sport because the life of the fans might be  put in jeopardy because of this juvenile behavior.

It's no surprise that it is easier to defeat someone that you dislike or have built up an aggressive momentum towards them that added dislike for the opponent may even give them that extra edge that is needed to win. No doubt winning is an exhilarating experience. Most athletes have high levels of testosterone to begin with. This type of aggressive response is an affirmation of their physical prowess and athletic ability. The roar that is heard throughout the stadium or arena excites the already exuberant fans. This type of display is much like what was done when the gladiators battled in the arenas during the Roman Empire reign.

It's common knowledge that a lot of domestic violence occurs on Super Bowl Sunday. The adrenalin surge and and the abundance of alcoholic beverages may certainly add to this disturbing phenomenon.

A sporting event should be a fun and exciting outing. It should be free of threats and repercussions from whatever team wins the game. Let's play the game and remember it's only a game. Cancer won't be cured because of a game. World hunger won't end because of  a tennis match and chances are we won't discover another Pulitzer Peace Prize winner in the boxing ring. So let's put it all in perspective and enjoy the game.

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