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"Why we Study Microbiology"
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Microbiology is the study of the interrelationship between the microscopic world and our world. It is basically viewing plant and animal structures, which is in-viewable to our naked eye with an instrument called the microscope. We view the cells of plants and animals because we can obtain a very large amount of information by looking at the cells. Viruses and diseases are studied using instruments like the microscope. Cells make up the basic form of plants and animals like us.

Scientist study Microbiology to comprehend how diseases spread or what they do to take over other cells. Scientist separated cells in two different categories; Good cells, and Bad cells. Good cells are cells that do us well, like defend against bacteria and viruses in our immune system, or carry oxygen throughout our body. Then there are the bad cells like the rhino virus that makes us sick. The rhino virus is the name of the cell that causes colds. When they start taking over our immune system, we start feeling weak. Then the white blood cells in our blood stream come to attack the rhino viruses, then they evacuate through sweat or from our nose. That is why we usually get hot during a fever; it is our body raising its temperature to remove the virus in our body. Every cell has a different job to do to take care of our body. Within the cell there is the nucleus which is like the brain of the cell. Inside the nucleus there are tiny long strands of DNA which contain the instructions to make substances for building the cell and making it work. If the chromosomes are altered, the cell will do something else, something they should not.

An example of this is cancer. Cancer begins at the cellular level; it begins with normal body cells that have somehow lost its ability to function properly, possibly due to extended exposure to microwaves of other type of radiation. These abnormal cells begin to divide very rapidly producing a mass of abnormal cells called a tumor. Cancer cells will cause damage to our over all health by growing rapidly until they crowed out other normal cells sucking the nutrition from multiple cells to feed one cancerous cell. Cancer cells cannot control their own growth, unlike normal cells, so produce many cancerous cells until the disease cannot be treated.

This is why we study microbiology. To understand how cells work. Scientist study the relationship between cells and medicine to see if they can hopefully find a cure to the most harmful disease to human kind. We study this unit of science to fully obtain knowledge from our bodies because there is a lot of information that is not obtained yet, ensuring this subject will provide many job opportunities.

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