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"Why we Shoudl not Promote Dna Testing - Yes"
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I understand that science in general has led to a better quality of living in some regards, but it has also changed humanity to a degree that exceeds being beneficial. We must not forget that for every action there is a reaction. DNA studies may prolong life and be able to modify diseases and genetic mutations, but is that not a mutation in itself to change DNA, no matter what the benefits.

As an example, yes we have prolonged life. People are living longer. But in previous times, elderly people were treated as knowledgeable and were given respect. Now, society tends to kind of stash them away and new problems popped up for the elderly. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see anyone suffer, but i truly believe that Alzheimer's and such are nature's way of reacting to our actions. Since we are not all knowing, we really have no idea of what nature's response may be to us modifying DNA.

In short, we really have no right to mess with DNA. already we really on medications and surgery too much. Maybe we were intended to deal with the cards we were dealt. Maybe someone knows better than us. There has been a surge of people trying to push the idea of living healthy. But truly, if we end up able to just fix whatever problems we have through surgery and medications, why would people care what they do to their bodies. If we continue to go along this course, we eliminate personal; responsibility and increase our dependence on the dollar. If we no longer utilize the resources that nature has given us in the way they are supposed to be used, nature will eliminate those resources and we will eventually become a society completely dependant on man made resources. In the long run, that just gives more power to the government and insurance companies.

Right now virtually any illness can be cured by using herbs and other natural healers. If those are eliminated by the simple occurance of natural events based on our own actiosn and nature's reaction to those, then we will be forced to shove more and more chemicals in our bodies. Soon, we will not be so much human as we will be science projects.

The problem is that we do not learn form our mistakes. We created chemicals to preserve our food and vaccines to fight disease and illness, but in response to that nature fought back and created new illnesses for us to combat. Do we never learn? Isn't that the whole purpose of being so called intelligent beings and keeping records? So that we can look back and see our mistakes so as not to repeat them again?

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