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Why Spring Rain is Important for Local Ecosystems

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"Why Spring Rain is Important for Local Ecosystems"
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Are spring rains important for local ecosystem? It's pretty much yes and no. Not all local ecosystems require spring rains. There are tropical rain forests in Asia, Africa, and South America that gets plenty of rain which is why they are called rainforests. But there are plenty of local ecosystems that do need the spring rains to survive.

Spring and summer are the seasons where the chances of drought are high. When there's a drought, water has to be rationed. Though should be rationed in the beginning. Of course there are dry winters which also stresses the importance of spring rains. Wildlife feeds on the plants that need water to grow. It's a cycle.

One example of a local ecosystem that would need spring rains is in Florida, the state I currently live in at the moment. With the weird weather patterns from 2006 and now which is 2007, we are in much need of spring rain because summer is arriving in less than three months. Normally we'd get a bunch of rain in the summer and the fall. However, El Nino which happens every eight years had taken affect last year in 2006 where the air gets cooler plus more rain. Now, we're dealing with the weather phenomenon known as La Nina which is the polar opposite of El Nino.

In Florida, there is plenty of brushland that can easily catch fire with the rise in temperature. The combination of possible drought and the effects of La Nina heightens the risk that the brush will catch fire and start a chain of brush fires. Back in 2008, a case like that happened. Most of Florida had to deal with scattered brush fires. As result, most of the brush land was charred.

Keep in mind while El Nino brings rain to parts of the world, the opposite effects take place in other parts. You have rain in one location and have drought in another location. When La Nina strikes, the places that were given rain by El Nino will become dry and hot while the places that were dry and hot are given rain. Keep in mind that Florida is the only place that get brush fires. There are plenty of places in California that are susceptable to brush fires.

Ecosystems that are susceptable to natural disasters such as drought and brush fires are in need of spring rains the most. Keep in mind that weather is a natural phenomenon. We can't control the weather however we can predict weather patterns. But such examples of natural disasters should be reason enough for the need of spring showers. Not only do we need spring rains to neutralize drought, but to combat the possible risk of brush fires that can in turn become forest fires.

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