Why some People have Bigger Egos than others

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"Why some People have Bigger Egos than others"
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Why is it often thought that some people have bigger ego's than which others do?

This article will try to give some answers to this interesting question.

The ego to me is an asset. This is because it can give you confidence in yourself, when rightly lived from. Confidence distorted, becomes an overzealous ego, in the way that it then tries to exert itself, into enforcing itself into other people's spaces, or more directly into their lives.

The over inflation of an ego, is because the mind of this person is grasping at wanting to feel more powerful, and the heart of that person has been put aside by this overwhelming thought, that I can do it all myself, for myself, from the power of my own ego.

The truth is that ego was a depositary allowance that God gave to each soul to enable them to distance themselves from their soul, and to allow themselves initially to run themselves from their ego, rather than from their soul. This was done to allow for a certain build-up of unenforced partitionary stances, that could then give this unique directionlessness beginning state back to a soul, and without the soul ever then forcing its own direction, onto its own human self.

Even our human self has the freedom to live without its soul's input, if it wants to. Every part of creation lives from this same freedom state.

We begin our journey with infinite paths all wide open to us, and we have the chance to go in any direction that we choose to, in the beginning of our journey. One step leads to the next however, and after the first step that starts our own human's personalised unique individualised journey, our soul guides us intuitionally the rest of the way, and in every step of that way.

Our soul guides us from the background, but it is still all up to us, if we listen to or even take any of this advice. Often it is our ego that decides all of this for ourselves.

Simply put, the human part of the spiritual being could stand and live on its own feet, if it really wanted to do so. This is its freedom. Our soul, like God more only stands by and watches, and learns from our mistakes, and from our experiences. Our soul stays in the background, until we finally realise that we are not just our ego, and so we start to acknowledge, and then to embrace, and to listen, to our own soul's guidance.

When this starts to take place for us on our spiritual journey, it is then that we realise, and see for ourselves, that our ego is actually a sentry or an outpost for our soul. We then allow our ego to fulfil its real function in bringing us experiences for us to experience, and to then share them back again to our soul. This adds together with all of the other accumulated knowledge, truths, and wisdom, already gathered together by our soul, over its long journey, in going through so many other different lifetimes.

This is allowed so that there is always a possibility of growth in infinitely diverse ways, in leaving all ways open like this, for each soul to explore. No soul restricts the experiences of its human experiencer.

Our soul never directs us. It always leaves this to the ego. The soul guides through suggestion, and when our ego is large, it often then ignores all guidance, but when our ego remains humbly connected to our heart, rather than just to our mind, it serves and takes on board any such guidance.

An inflated ego not only ignores its own soul's guidance, but it ignores guidance that is coming to it from everywhere else as well.

An ego still planted within our heart can see this, and so it will help its soul to help the human part of its self's soul, to experience God's love in such a way that real growth is encouraged, rather than buried in the created pain and fear of an ego gone rampant, and trying to control all from its own self, or only from its own position.

Is the realised man really egoless? Why would we have an ego, if it was only then required for us to lose it again like this?

We only have values because of our egos, but our ego first thinks that we must do things only for it. Our ego then locks us up in our mind, and closes the door to our heart. In this way it becomes inflated by thinking more and more that it is in sole control of us, and of our lives.

Our ego's real role is to store our values, and to categorise our beliefs, and our inner truths. Every new experience, it can then compare with these values and already held truths, to see whether this experience is really good, or if it is the best for us to now go through.

Our ego then acts rather like a cracked mirror, and distorts the picture that we are seeing. We then get used to seeing this smaller picture, rather than embracing the full view, that's always available to us. In this way, our ego can come to dominate us, so that its picture is the only picture, that we think, that then ever exists.

Self awareness and spiritual growth frees us from being trapped into only seeing this distorted view, that we are seeing from our ego's perspective only.

God gave man an ego so that he man, and also of course God too, would have a certain amount of anonymity. This could then result in an autonomous categorised valuing of mankind's own position.

This was a part of his grant of freedom, and the ego is a certain depository of energy that can run him for a while, but later he will find that the purer flowing continually supplied energy of love refreshes, grows and always supplies him with all of his needs. This happens within a way that living only from our ego never can ever achieve.

At this stage he will know that of himself he need not try to fulfil any other needs, or try to achieve any of his own wants. All of these things exist within his ego, as a test to see if they will take him further away from God, by not being himself within God.

The greatness of God, is only experienced in an egoless environment, because the ego has an inbuilt radar reaching into its own mind that blows things out of proportionary alignment with its soul. This is the creation of differences, and of initial dualities of positions. This is what causes us to be unbalanced on the side of our ego's.

All of this is allowed by God to allow a contrasting analogy of love being contrasted with other standalone emotions or fears. Anything less than a full love involves fear, or another emotion lower that total love.

A large ego is storing many ego states within itself, and this all takes a lot of extra energy to also sustain, and to maintain. These ego states are various ways of behaving, and also of controlling and even manipulating the experiences of a person.

Love's energy is being diverted in order to do this.

Love is the only energy, but when it is stored within an ego state as I have called it here, it diverts attention away from loving outwardly, to loving inwardly. This might be alright except for the fact that this occurs in a way that becomes self aggrandizing or loving yourself from pride, rather than from humility. It is building yourself up as a bigger person than what you really are, because your ego wants to think that you know all of the answers yourself already.

Some people have bigger ego's than others, simply because they think that they are bigger people, than what other people are.

We will all come to know eventually that nobody is bigger than anybody else. All souls are created equal within God. We are all a part of God serving him from his love, and which is always energising and powering us to do so, especially when we are not diverting this energy to be stored by, and used by our ego, for its own purposes.

From the spiritual perspective, I will answer one more question to complete this article.

Does our ego relate to our karma in any way?

Karma is created from living entirely only from our own ego. When we live from our soul only from God's love, we then serve God, and not our ego. Serving our ego in self service is the only real form of sin. We need to be forgiven for this, to see the fault within us, and then to move past the ego, to live the sinless life of a God realised soul.

Only a person without a large ego, can ever be humble enough to ask for forgiveness of his sins in this way. This is why the Law of Karma was created to bring us back down again to our knees in order to pray, and to be able to see the error in only just continuing to follow an inflated ego.

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