Why some People are Happier than others

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"Why some People are Happier than others"
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Happiness, that fleeting emotion we all long to feel on a daily basis. It can be described as feeling joy, satisfaction, contentment and pleasure.

We as people decide what makes us happy. It is strictly our own choice, and it is often obtained by "possessing" something we feel we want. So are we safe to assume that gaining material possessions makes us happy?.

Sure, it sounds good in theory. Who wouldn't want to win the lottery, or have enough money to be comfortable for the rest of their lives?. Unfortunately there is a problem with this proposition.

A possession will only make someone happy, until their eyes fixate on an other possession that looks better.

I have seen many people get caught up in this type of activity. A good example would be, when I worked at my local mall selling "high end' handbags. Girls as young as ten years old would drag their mother's over to the counter, to point out the new popular handbags that had just came out. Some of these bags were five hundred dollars, and you would not believe how many people actually purchased them. What surprised me most was, that every time this certain brand of handbag came out with a new item, the teen aged girls had to have it. There was clear competition between them, to be holding the new item first.

It seems so many people get caught up in this. It is no wonder to me, why they don't feel fulfilled. So what does make us happy?.

I can only speak for myself, on what makes me happy. As I said before all people obtain "happiness" in different ways.

I am happy in the morning when my husband kisses me on the forehead, and tells me he loves me. So when people truly love me unconditionally, it makes me happy.

I really enjoy working toward a goal I have set for myself. It doesn't have to be really difficult. It can be as easy as planning out my garden for the spring. Or a sewing project. So keeping busy everyday, and doing constructive things, makes me happy.

I like to be "giving" with the people I love. It doesn't have to be a store bought gift. It can be a kind word when they are feeling down, or just quietly listening to them when they are having a bad day. This is a way to make myself, as well as the other person happy.

Last but not least, when I am happy I try to "spread" it around. I keep a smile on my face, and have a nice greeting for everyone I come in contact with. As we all know a simple smile, or friendly "hello", can make a person's day.

So whatever makes you truly happy, just go do it.

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