Why some People are Happier than others

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"Why some People are Happier than others"
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People who are happiest often seem to possess a positive attitude and focus on life. It seems there is a definitive correlation between attitude and happiness, and the way life is viewed plays a big part in a person's ability to be content.

Life is a journey and the approach decided on directly impacts the ease of the roads traveled. How an individual chooses to embrace situations will be the factor that determines whether or not the road traveled is a bumpy trip or smooth one because it is better paved.

Most people who embark the journey are likely to discover that when they bring along an optimistic attitude, this makes a more pleasant journey by far. A negative attitude primarily brings misery and makes an awful travel companion. By ditching the negative attitude, chances are most people will find themselves a lot happier because they aren't being weighed down by negative energy.

In life's travels there will undoubtedly be potholes and roadblocks along the way and individuals have to successfully navigate them. The technique used to maneuver those problems affects happiness. At some point it is inevitable a crossroads will be encroached and some choices have to be made.

At the crossroads one can opt to carefully pass those barriers by or rashly plow through them. If the latter is chosen, the individual will probably end up stuck in the pothole. People who slow down and take a deep breath and delay an immediate reaction produce better results than those who lash out and act impulsively when in a frustrating or bad situation. Through maintaining a positive attitude, happiness is typically generated and overall feelings of content emerge. As a result those who were stuck eventually do find themselves successfully passing the road block.

Sure challenges and fears in life will persist, but rather than view adversity as an enemy, if one chooses to take it on and accept it, adversity can be used to an advantage. Aren't the best lessons and successes often achieved after dealing with misfortune? Adversity frequently presents an opportunity for people to realize how special life is and how it should not be taken for granted.

Perhaps some people are happier because they choose not to let problems and anger consume them. Instead they re-channel energies to generate positive vibes. This encourages happier feelings to emerge from within and also impacts how others perceive them.

The more people that catch these symptoms to pass onto others will ultimately impact the world surrounding them. If everyone were to focus on relieving the stress of negativity and put emphasis on ways to turn a bad situation into good, this simultaneously lifts the burdens and generates solutions to the problem.

While carefree days may never totally exist, people who travel the journey of life with a bright perspective carry less weighty baggage. This enables them to enjoy each day for what it is, rather than for what it isn't because time is better spent on happiness rather than worries.

There is so much already invested in our life's journey, why let a negative attitude get a free ride? It adds little value to overall happiness, and happiness is a better travel partner in the long term. There is a distinct relationship between happiness and perspective on life. These perspectives will emit and touch other travelers you meet, making the journey of each day all the more enjoyable.

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