Why some People are Happier than others

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"Why some People are Happier than others"
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Sadly for many in life, happiness is an elusive dream they chase all their lives that is always just out of reach. They believe that if they just have a better job, become more successful, have more, or less children, a nicer car, more boats, trips, education, motorcycles, etc. (The list could go on infinitely I am sure) they will be happier. As a result, there will always be just one more thing, one more more....(insert your own current desire or goal here) to strive for in search of happiness in life.

Therein would be the problem. Happiness is not something you chase. Things, status or circumstance will not release it into your searching hands. It isn't something we can buy, or follow, or search outside of ourselves for. It cannot come from others, it comes from within.

Perhaps people as a whole have misunderstood what true happiness is. Perhaps because life tries to sell us the dream, we have become convinced the dream is reality........the dream creates happiness.

What if we don't truly love and accept ourselves and our lives? What if we constantly believe we can do better, look better, feel better, succeed more, have more, need more? Then we will continue to chase the elusive dream.

We are as happy or as unhappy as we suppose ourselves to be. It truly is that simple and that complex. We have been programmed throughout our lives that more money, objects or better looks and clothes create happiness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Success in any area of life does not create happiness. Happiness creates success. To be happy we need to look inwards, not externally. Once there we need to create love and acceptance for the perfectly flawed individuals we are.

It is those in life who have looked inwards with love and acceptance that will be the optimists, successful, charitable, kind, compassionate and ultimately......happy.

The true happiness in life exists within. Those individuals in life who have found true inner peace and happiness with exude that positive energy to the outside world in a positive and upbeat manner and it will conversely reflect back towards them.

It is all about choice. We choose everyday how we see others, ourselves and the world in general. Those who have created a positive and loving place within themselves will always view life in a positive & loving manner and as a result will be so much happier than those who continue to chase the elusive happiness through objects, money, looks or prestige.

Some in life are happier than others because they have learned to love inside......out.

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