Why some People are Happier than others

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"Why some People are Happier than others"
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The results from studies about happiness conclude that there are certain conditions that need to be in place for most people to be truly happy. Some conditions relate to the state of an individuals mind and their attitude to life. Others relate to covering the basics physically needed in order for people to be free enough from striving to survive to enjoy life on a meaningful level.

Happy people may not always have the most materialistically abundant lives. At times they may be forced to face loss and hardship. These situations happen to all people at some time. The difference, however, between people who are happy, and those who are not, has more to do with how they deal with what happens and how they choose to react, rather than exactly what happens to them.

People who are confident, and have an inner sense about their ability to get through difficult times, deal more calmly with crisis and chaos when it approaches than those who are fearful and have low self-esteem. One of the requirements of being happy is self-belief, to a certain extent.

When we believe in ourselves, we have faith, not just in our own actions and decision-making skills, but also in life. Being able to see life as having a purpose, and seeing ourselves as being intimately wound into its cycle, can help to give our existence meaning and bring inner peace.

Many people who are unhappy feel their life has no particular direction or purpose. With a sense that their existence is not meaningful, they are more prone to depression and anxiety than people who have belief and direction.

Studies have also shown that when we reach out into the community and see that we can make a positive difference to the welfare of other people, our own lives are further affirmed and we become happier as a result.

Finding our own spark, or life force, by carrying out actions that provide us with direction can help us to be happier individuals than those who simply drift through life, never making plans, never reaching for their own dreams and moving towards making those dreams come true.

It has been said that we all have a reason for existing. We all have a particular road to travel along that is special to us. When we do so, we move towards happiness. If in your heart you are a dancer, or an artist, listening to your inner voice that tells you your direction, will help you to get onto the right road where your joy resides.

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