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Why Polar Bears are Disappearing

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"Why Polar Bears are Disappearing"
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Everything in words is a theory, and the facts about why polar bears are disappearing are theories as well. The theory that is well documented by scientists is that global warming is taking place as we speak. These scientists, and I myself, are unsure whether global warming has one absolute cause or is a mixture of contributing factors. In this article I will investigate a few reasons for the cause of the increase of death in the polar bear population and documented, scientific reasons for this happening.

For example, the prevailing idea and understanding of global warming is that chlorofluorocarbons, CFCs, the atmospherically toxic by-products of oil factories, cars, and other machines of the post-industrial revolution are what is causing the earth to rapidly warm. The theory is that the CFCs are destroying the ozone layer, the ozone layer being the protective shell surrounding the earth. When the CFCs rise up into the stratosphere, they begin to break down the ozone layer compounds where gaping holes emerge to allow in the harmful rays of the sun to scorch the earth.

This theory is based on experiential knowledge and notes that ice in the polar regions is melting and because icebergs are a refuge for polar bears, is causing them to die. Polar bears tend to be aquatic and possess webbed claws and nostrils that can close under water. The water environment is essential for hunting and traveling for the polar bear. Also as essential is the icebergs on which the polar bears can safely exist.

Polar bears are not fish, they are warm-blooded mammals and need a species specific environment to sustain them. If fish did not have the ocean to swim in and all was land, fish would not be existing. Likewise, if there is no ice in the poles, polar bears cannot survive. Because the melting ice in the poles is actually happening and affecting its inhabitants, one is to wonder, am I responsible for this? Are we? Is it true that me driving to work is affecting the lives of these animals?

These disintegrating ecosystems, the polar shelves and icebergs are a home to creatures like the polar bear. They must have a solid space to mate, hibernate, and hunt. Without the ground to walk on, many polar bears drown in the open sea. The polar bear is a magnificent, majestic animal and we should hope that it can weather the storm, learn to adapt to the changing conditions of it's environment, and prosper as species.

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