Why People Make Excuses how Gossiping Affect you and others Avoiding Personal Drama

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"Why People Make Excuses how Gossiping Affect you and others Avoiding Personal Drama"
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Bad Habits that Develop Laziness

Our bodies are very complex organisms. They generate energy as they grow, sending signals to our brains to meet our needs. For the most part, we respond to these messages readily. Sometimes however, chemicals become imbalanced or sickness takes over, and we seem to shut down until we are able to recoup.

Illness, depression, emotional tragedy, and physical trauma are not related to laziness, though they often get mislabeled as such. True laziness is about developing bad habits, and letting them take over our lives. There are a few defining qualities of laziness that show a clear distinction between bad habits vs. health problems.

1. Lazy people make excuses all the time. They are masters of procrastination, and they never feel guilty about it. It doesn't matter that people are depending on them. They rarely care about how they are perceived. In fact, they offer an excuse, often putting the blame on the person who has an opinion about them.

2. Lazy people allow themselves to get distracted easily. They look for the opportunity to ignore what needs to be done. Sometimes, they even create a situation to avoid doing a required task. They are high versed in personal drama, and love to discuss all their comings and goings.

3. Lazy people know what they can't do. In fact, they won't even attempt some things because it is clearly beyond their capability. They present themselves as poor, helpless individuals who need extra attention and care. It doesn't matter that this might impose on those who help them. It's not their fault they are incapable of doing things for themselves.

4. Lazy people refuse to find motivation. No reward is worth it to finish a given task. A sense of accomplishment means nothing. Whatever prize could be won, can usually be purchased at the mall as well. They maintain an attitude that seems to say, "Why bother?" They also give up trying very easily.

5. Lazy people are uncomfortably chatty. They have an awful lot to say, but if you actually listen to them, you soon realize they rarely say anything of value. They are willing to gossip with the best of them, especially if they can point out someone else's faults. This takes the focus off their own faults, and helps them believe they are working hard at helping others.

You can't honestly tell if you are lazy. By the time you've developed so many bad habits, you will be well versed in making excuses for them. You will have created a false sense of security, wrapped around a comfort zone of helplessness, and it will undeniably please you to talk about your problems. When people lose interest in your drama, it will be easy to find fault with them. At that point, it may be too difficult to try to change your ways.

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