Why People Hate you for Achieving Success

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"Why People Hate you for Achieving Success"
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So you just accomplished your goal in life, or just made a significant contribution to something. You just got a job promotion, or you made the basketball team. Whatever it was, it was a huge success in your life, and you are going to go places that you never imagined possible. However, with success, there seems to come a certain percentage of the population that will hate you for doing so well in your endeavors. Why is this?

You can chalk up people hating others for having success to pure jealousy. Chances are that you may be living the dream of someone else, and because they can't get to where you are, they aren't going to be very fond of you. Imagine that you got that management promotion, and you only took six months to get there. How would you feel if you were the person that was there for eight years, and still has no shot at going anywhere.

It doesn't make it right, but you can see why someone wouldn't like that very much. What incentive does that person have to work hard anymore, if they are just going to get bypassed for a job? It is up to that person to suck it up, but still you can see why someone might not like that.

People are going to hate you for your success because that's just the way that people tend to be. Even if they are successful in some other endeavor, they are just going to hate the fact that someone else is getting attention. For example, if you are a star student, and you get straight A's you are very good student. However, the quarterback of the football team is getting all the girls for being good at football, and you might not think that is fair.

It isn't the quarterback's fault that he gets so much attention, and fame for his success, but the star student may feel like his accomplishments aren't as heralded. Actually though I looked up to both, because I had success neither in school, or in sports when I went to school, so just being good at something at all made me jealous back then.

Being good at something is really useful in life. Some people will look at you and see that you are good at something, and that you will be something in life. Some people feel as if they do nothing well, or nothing well enough to be marketable in life after school, or even as an adult. Sometimes people will take it out on you because they don't see what skills they have in thier own life.

There are plenty of reasons why people will hate others for being good at something. If anything, there is no reason to be jealous of people who have success. You should celebrate the fact that someone accomplished something good, becuase one day you will do something great, and how will you feel if people weren't happy for you? Don't hate on people for being good at something, just look for your own skill, and make yourself shine instead.

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