Why People Hate you for Achieving Success

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"Why People Hate you for Achieving Success"
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Why people hate you for achieving success? It's hard to think that other people hate us because of our achieving successes but many people do. A friend can become a foe; a family member can become a stranger; a co-worker can allow his/her anger to show; a neighbor can stop speaking; etc., etc.

Why are people jealous of another person achieving success in their lives? This is something that is hard for me to ever understand. Why do people resent those who achieve their goals in life? These people who resent, who are jealous, who are enviousness, etc., does so because they do not take the initiative to accomplish goals in their own jobs and lives. People who are achievers always have enemies and there's nothing a person can do to change their enemies minds. Achievers are resented because they work hard to accomplish a job and to see it through until its end. Achievers do not quit, they keep plugging until the job is performed in an efficient manner and they don't run around complaining to everyone about what they have done.

People who are achievers are many times called brown nosers, bosses shadow, yes person, and any other name which would indicate that they got where they are by siding in with their bosses. Does any of these people ever stop to think, "Hey, I could do the same thing if I would get up off my backsides and work?"

An achiever has the will and a desire to reach goals and to see improvements in their daily duties. They not only do this to have a feeling of self-satisfaction in their own life but to be as proficient as they can on their job and to do a job they are proud of. I've always said, "The achiever deserves the recognition they get from their work and they should be rewarded with salary increases, bonuses, and certificates of performances." Their work habits will travel with them throughout their life and they will always be welcomed to any company for work. Managers want workers who achieve goals and who sets other goals after they've finished a job.

People hate those who achieve more than they do, but let's face it, they could be an achiever too if they took on a different attitude and wanted to perform to their highest potentials. The people who hate achievers are usually the type of personality who does just enough on the job to get by and they never take on any other added duties to show they can be an achiever. They are usually people who hate to work and who despises anyone who does work.

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