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Why more Research on Epilepsy is Needed

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"Why more Research on Epilepsy is Needed"
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Epilepsy affects from 5 to 10 individuals out of every 1000 persons. This disease not only affects the adult population but it is also present in children and teenagers. It is believed that 1% of the total world population has a type of epilepsy.

Since this disease affects so many people it is necessary that more research is done, so that more people can have access to the medication and new treatments that would give them better lives.

A great percent of the people who suffer from it require constant hospital-based medical treatment. Some others can't even have a normal life and need institutional care. A lucky few never have seizures but they still require medication and constant supervision by a neurologist o other specialists.

People with epilepsy may not have a good sense of well-being because they have to follow certain recommendations to avoid seizures or crisis but even when they follow all the medical advise they are given they still have epileptic episodes. This is the main reason why I think that the cure for this disease would be particularly beneficial because of its high incidence and the repercussions it makes on the lives of those who have it.

If there was a cure for this disease, people would get a second chance. It would be like a rebirth for those who have endured living with the constant fear of having a seizure in the worst place or time. A cure for this problem would mean that millions of children in the world would be able to go to school and go to college in the future without having to be worried about their medical condition. Adults with the disease could have children and they wouldn't pass the disease to their children.

Some types of epilepsy can be controlled and eventually the symptoms and crisis don't show anymore, but the patient needs to still take care of himself, avoid certain things that might stimulate the epileptic seizures, so a cure would make it possible for people to forget about that and have a normal life.

A cure for epilepsy would have a great impact on the lives of so many people who have not had the chance to develop their skills to the top because of the limits that the disease creates. The barriers and obstacles they have to face and fight wouldn't exist anymore and they would be able to do great things for the well-being of the world.

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