Why it is never too Late to Conquer Fear

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"Why it is never too Late to Conquer Fear"
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Fear is an exhausting and detrimental emotion. It has the ability to permeate every aspect of our existence, and it can cloud our ability to think and reason clearly. Fear can also be cunning and relentless. Many times throughout the course of our lives, we are often fooled into believing that we have conquered a particular fear, only to discover that it has appeared once again wearing a different disguise. Countless individuals are emotionally paralyzed by both rational and irrational fears; some to the point where these fears impede their ability to function on a daily basis. However, fear can be, and often is, conquered successfully, and it is never too late to make an attempt to do so.

Fortunately, change is always possible in the life of a human being, regardless of age or personal circumstances, and this fact holds true as far as fear is concerned as well. Those who have been accustomed to dealing with a great deal of fear have a tendency to become almost comfortable with the feeling. This is not because they enjoy experiencing a high degree of dread and anxiety on a regular basis, but rather, simply because they are used to operating with a fear-based mentality. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to overcome fear, and to bring about positive change, regardless of how deeply entrenched an individual's fears might be.

The single most important step in conquering fear is to change one's thinking from that of fear-based to faith-based. This could indeed be thought of in a religious manner, but also in the general belief that all is, and ultimately will be, well. Fear forces us to believe that we are constantly in harm's way, and that we will meet impending doom around every turn. Thinking in the opposite fashion diminishes much of the power that fear wields over our minds. Replacing fearful thoughts with positive, beneficial thoughts allows an individual to go about life with a higher sense of well-being and contentment. Forever living under the black cloud of fear does not serve us well, and it prevents us from living life to the fullest. Therefore, the decision can be made at any point in the life of a human being that fear will no longer be permitted to dominate his or her thoughts and actions.

It is essential to remember the fact that, although powerful, fear is only a feeling, and feelings are not necessarily facts. We often find ourselves fearing that which is unknown, and it can prevent us from taking certain actions. However, if and when we do take action in the face of fear, we often discover that the fear has either subsided or disappeared altogether. In essence, it does not necessarily matter at what age we decide to conquer whatever fears dominate us, but rather, that we simply do.

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