Why it is never to Late to Face your Fears

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"Why it is never to Late to Face your Fears"
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Why it is never too late to conquer fear? Fear is something that can appear in a flash and stay with you for a lifetime unless you find out how to conquer it. Fear can enter into a person's mind when they lest expect it, and it reminds me of the little critter who ran around yelling to everyone, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling," and everyone goes into a state of panic.

I've had fears in my life, especially, when but a young child, and the darkness scared the wits out of me. The fear came because I could not see what was before me in the total darkness of a blind drawn room. This would absolutely cause me so much fear that my heart would pound, and hiding under the covers, would almost swallow me up in its heat. It was not easy living with this fear and to this date, the severe darkness gives me the cringes, and fighting it is "still" hard at times.

We must conquer our fears by living with the fear over and over again. We must subject ourselves constantly to our fears, and believe it or not, we'll soon find the fear fading away and leaving us pleasantly surprised. If a person has a fear of heights, the best thing to conquer this fear is to walk the many steps up in lighthouses and take the time to look back down the spiraling staircase to the bottom, and once we've made it to the top, go stand on the outside and look down below and overlook the overall area and allow the winds to blow against your body. Facing your fear head on, andsaying to yourself, "I've conquered this fear," will allow your fear to vanish within a few trips up the lighthouse steps and onto the lookover. We might have to do this a hundred times, but you'll eventually get over the fear of heights. The same applies to being afraid of a glass encased elevator going up the outside of a building...get on the elevator and ride it like your on a trip to the moon and you'll soon feel at ease.

There are people who cannot make speech es is in front of a crowd (not to mention me) and they fall to pieces when it's time for their speech. Their faces will distort, their mouths will dry out, and their lips will quiver and draw up until they cannot speak. This is a sad situation for a lot of speakers...and there is "nothing" we can do but subject them to it over and over again.

We also have people who are afraid of crowds and the only way they'll ever overcome this fear is to go out in crowds on a daily basis, and if we could possibly take a trip to New York where the streets are jam packed and mingle among them. Yes, we can overcome our fears if we pursue them head on and never cease to give into our fear.

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