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Why Imperfection is Attractive

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"Why Imperfection is Attractive"
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Trying to figure out what makes one person more attractive than the next is like trying to explain why the stars are beautiful. One thing for certain is that an individual's little imperfections can make them attractive in the eyes of the one looking at them. Why are these flaws an attractive quality? Read on for some possible reasons.

*Attainable. When a person has noticeable flaws, they seem easier to approach for conversation. Someone who appears to be "perfect" is rather intimidating and seems somehow above the average person. A person with flaws, on the other hand, does not generally walk around with the air of being better than others and is easier to relate to and be around.

*Real. Someone who appears meticulous in every way (every hair in place, manicured hands and feet, perfect make-up etc.) seems less real to some people. In fact, some people view these meticulous people as "high maintenance" and back away from them altogether. People with visible flaws seem more down to earth and attractive. People generally are aware of their flaws and therefore are not conceited or snooty in attitude or how they interact with other people. This humble and real outlook can be very refreshing and attractive. 

*Endearing. Certain flaws make a person seem sweeter and/or cuter than a person without that flaw. An example is a person with a slight speech impairment might pronounce certain words differently, and that is attractive to some people. Someone with visible scars can be endearing and attractive because it shows that they have a past and have survived it. Another note about visible scars is that whatever happened in their past did not get the best of them; they lived through it and moved on with their lives. This is an extremely attractive and endearing quality to some people.

*Character. Some flaws give a person a defined character. For example, a person who was born with a slightly shorter leg goes on about life as though nothing is wrong. This is a quality that many people admire. People with these kinds of issues do not allow it to affect them or how they live their lives. This strength and character can make them very attractive to others.

A person's flaws may be the very thing that makes them stand out from the crowd in a public street or at the nightclub or in the supermarket. Sometimes it is these imperfections that draw the attention of someone. Flaws make a person who they are and make them unique. 

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