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Why i Love each Season

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"Why i Love each Season"
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Each season brings a different kind of warmth into your heart. You long for each to return when it is taken away, and gladly welcome the other when it arrives. They are consistent and always will return the next year.

I have always loved the changing of seasons, and the different enjoyments each one brings to the table. They are exciting and new, but the same each year. You have a general idea of what they will bring, but each will surprise you now and then.

Summer. The hot and humidity of the summer days is like a natural sauna. You may get sticky, you may sweat, but you will be relaxed by the end of the night and hardly know why or what has made you this way. You welcome the cool water with open arms and shun the hot faucet so as not to overheat yourself. The pool is a haven for the summer weather. You sit out on your raft even beneath the stars, listening to the crickets chirping and the sloshing of the clear water. You are thankful for any drop of any drink and find yourself searching for the shady trees. You appreciate them for their billowing head of leaves and don't give a care to the ants crawling along their trunk.

Fall. The beginning of fall, you are still in your shorts and your tank tops. The leaves are changing colors and you can smell them in the air. Several have already fallen from up above, and they crinkle under your sneakers as you take a scenery walk. It is the best time to play outdoor games without the immense summer heat. The cool air is setting in now as the season progresses. You are in your sweater and some cordoroy jeans, a scarf around your neck and perhaps a light hat. You can jump through the leaf piles now and rake your yard clean. The entire neighborhood is light up with fiery reds and oranges, yellows. You feel like you are walking in a picture frame.

Winter. The sleds and snowboards and skiies come out of the attic/garage/and shed. The ground has long frozen over and the snow billows down from the clouds in soft white blankets. You are dying to mess up the yard, put some tracks in that untouched snow, and catch some speed down the hill. Your nose turns pink from the cold though you have bundled up in snow suits, boots, scarves, hats, and gloves. Your winter coat is enough padding to drop yourself from a tree and bounce back up, but it is never too hot inside. You are just the right temperature. Inside your house smells like cinnamon cookies and baked bread. You enjoy the cups of hot cocoa and the aroma wafting through the house. The sound of the heater kicking in is a cozy noise and you can never have enough of those extra comfortable blankets.

Spring. You are frozen from the winter months and freezing. Chilled to the bone, but spring has arrived. The beginning of it. You have longed for it, and when the snow has finally melted you step out onto the patio to soak in as much sun as possible on your finally exposed hands and arms. A lighter coat is a possibility now, a rain coat even, because you know what is to come. The thunderstorms, the comfy thunderstorms. You fall asleep to them and watch the rain against your windows. You search for the rainbow in the sky and when the rain stops you hear the whistling of the birds through your window. You can stomp in the puddles left behind and smell the grass and mud wafting around. The flowers are blooming brilliantly and you gather some for your tabletop.

All of the seasons have their perks, all of them different and all of them wonderful. They know just when you need a change.

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