Belonging to earth and humanity results in happiness

Why Human and other Animals need Love the Forces of Life

Belonging to earth and humanity results in happiness
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"Why Human and other Animals need Love the Forces of Life"
Caption: Belonging to earth and humanity results in happiness
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Love has been called the most powerful force in the Universe.  Is there any science to back this up?

Do only human beings love?  No, love is one of the most primitive emotions, triggered deep in the reptilian brain.  When one thinks of love, it is often associated with language in human understanding.  Yet, love on a much more basic level, that concern for others is vital to survival, is solidly based in bio-chemistry and the very real electrochemical response all organisms have to attract, defend and pass on genes.

When stimulated by love, extreme survival behaviors are triggered. An increase in adrenalin,  cortisol, heart rate, breathing and more is common. This is best exhibited when an animal automatically senses a need to defend her young. But, such intense arousal of bio-chemistry is also frequently set off by sexual cues as well.  Our genes created love to invent and spread abundant life.

All organisms interact and form symbiotic relationships.  This is perhaps the best way to think of love.  It is a very real survival mechanism evolved for organisms to cooperate, exchange genes and resources.  Love, in fact, creates all resources, because laws of attraction are written into photosynthesis, transpiration, and much more. One can honestly say that the flowers love and need sunlight and rain, forest animals love the plants thus created, the hydrology system depends too, on these plants and animals, and all such connections.  Human beings need all these things, and to express their love, they often evoke these more than mere metaphors.  They fall (gravity) for one another. They are drawn, (magnetism), and electrified, or turned on, (electro-magnetic force)  they bond, (strong force) and they create and radiate heat, (weak nuclear force.).

It is not an exaggeration to say the Universe is bursting with love. Human love is one very real aspect of this.  How can human beings use this knowledge to better comprehend themselves, nature and co-existence?  By fully understanding that earth is a series of dynamic attracting systems, people can cease the destructive belief systems based on separation, and alienation from nature.  Our world, inner and external, assembles through natural attractions.

They can draw upon the fundamental and elemental forces of the literal universe to see that organisms, by attractions, create the ever unfolding dance of abundant life. "All you need is love" may be a melodic simplification, but it works according to the evidence.

Thinking that animals, forests, or even rocks, are something devoid of love and something “less” than humans, creates the destructive idea  that conquest is more natural than cooperation.  Both are natural, and both occur in all organisms, all systems, and all the universe.  Yet, it is cooperation in bio-diversity,  primarily,  that builds the world.

The cosmos may be teeming with life we have yet to know.  Once we know and love one another as kin, humanity can take the next timid step toward our attraction to the stars.

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