Why does Workplace Violence Occur

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"Why does Workplace Violence Occur"
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Workplace violence is never easy to deal with or talk about. The fact that it even happens very sad. People go to work to earn money to pay their bills and try to live a comfortable life. When most people think of violence, images of movies, television shows and maybe even bar fights may come to mind. The last place they might think of for violence to occur is the workplace. There can be many contributing factors that can result in workplace violence. This article is going to discuss some of those factors.

*Stress. Many jobs can be extremely stressful and take a toll on employees. Tempers flare and people can over react to even the smallest thing. When faced with deadlines, multiple projects/duties and cranky clients/customers every time you go to work, it is easy to see how quickly stress can build. When a person does not have a proper outlet to release their stress, they can snap, so to speak.

*Personal issues. It is said that you should leave your personal life outside of the workplace. That is sometimes easier said than done. No matter how hard one tries, emotional issues are carried with a person everywhere they go. It can become difficult to juggle the personal issues with job responsibilities.

*Substance abuse. When a person has a drug and/or alcohol problem and trying to juggle work and whatever is going on in their personal life, it can lead to a violent episode. These people can be good at hiding the substance abuse. It can appear as though there is nothing wrong and then out of the blue, they have a blow up.

*Conflicting personalities. Some people simply cannot get along. Personalities may clash and in some cases, they may end up acting out violently toward each other. It is sad to say it, but sometimes people just do not like each other, for no apparent reason. This is not a reason for abuse, but it does happen.

*Disappointment in work. Not getting a well deserved raise, being skipped for a promotion, not receiving praise for good job performance are each very hard to deal with. Some people put up with these types of disappointments for months or even years and then one day just lash out at everyone and everything at work.

These are just some of the factors that can cause workplace violence to occur. It is never acceptable to act out violently on someone. No one deserves to be the victim of violence in the workplace or anywhere else. If you know of any violence occurring in your workplace, report it immediately.

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