Why do some People have Temper Tantrums

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"Why do some People have Temper Tantrums"
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A temper tantrum is characterized by a sudden increase of anger demonstrated through fits of rage and violent outbursts. The origin of temper tantrums depends on the individual however, it usually stems from internal frustration. A person is usually upset with themselves and ends up taking it out the people around them. This type of behavior can be damaging to friendships and relationships.

As I mentioned earlier it is known that certain people suffer from suppressed anger. This suppressed anger sometimes results in temper tantrums. Some people do not know how to deal with there emotions and that is the result. These are some of the reasons people have temper tantrums.

Suppressed anger

Anger often comes out in different ways. Some people exhibit fits of rage when they do not get their own way. However, when a person has suppressed anger, it comes out in the wrong way. When a person suppresses their anger, they are doing it for a reason. Maybe somewhere in their past, they were taught to hold back when they became angry. The bad news is that this does not help the person. Suppressed anger can lead to health problems. A person could develop high blood pressure, stroke or anxiety from holding anger in.

Not knowing how to manage emotions

When a person does not know how to manage their emotions, they can have temper tantrums. It is easier for some people to burst out because that is all they know. Instead of talking about their feelings a person will find comfort in getting angry with the person closest to them. It is sad because the people who pay are the ones who are closest to them.

Internal frustration

When a person is frustrated with themselves, they often have temper tantrums. This happens quite often when a person does not accomplish a certain goal. When their expectations are violated, this can bring on a temper tantrum.. Displacement takes place as well. The inner turmoil going on inside is projected on to others around them. This is not good for a relationship and can prove detrimental.

Anger is the symptom of something deeper. When a person lashes out at others, it is simply their soul crying out for help. In the end what happens to many people is that they end up crying at the end of a temper tantrum. This is because anger is pain. In many cases, it is suppressed pain that never got a chance to come out. The good news is that crying is a way to release the pain for good. The sooner a person gets rid of it, the better.

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