Why do some People have Temper Tantrums

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"Why do some People have Temper Tantrums"
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Why do some people have temper tantrums? The reasons are numerous, but it usually stems from a lack of maturity, and even perhaps a lack of experience. It might not always be that the person is immature, maybe some people have tantrums because that's the only way that they can get a message across to someone. Sometimes people are just stupid, and don't take the hints that you lay down before you have to scream it out loud that you are trying to say something.

More likely than not though, a temper tantrum comes from a lack of maturity. Have you ever seen a two year old not get what they want? What is the first thing that they do? They just yell and scream, and call people stupid thinking that they will see the light, and not want to be hated by the child. This implies that they think that they can get their way merely by yelling a lot, but usually it means that they have no clue. Most people who yell and scream tend to be drowned out more often than not.

Temper tantrums can come from a deep seated frustration over how things are going. Maybe you want a raise, or you want fewer hours at work. You can only work with people for so long before you realize that you are just being strung along. You might then vent, and rant out of frustration. It might look like a temper tantrum, but maybe its the only option that you have left at your disposal. Sometimes you have to just scream and yell to get your point across. It might not work, but at least you are making a stand.

However, a temper tantrum tends to be so over the top that nobody will really see that you are taking a stand. Have you ever seen a manager argue a call with an umpire? Sometimes they get so upset over a call that they might kick dirt, or throw bases around. That is a temper tantrum, and it is a childish attempt to express some sort of anger. This is the difference between a temper tantrum and taking a passionate stand on something. A temper tantrum is used to try to convince someone to stop doing something just so they don't have to see you acting so stupid.

Temper tantrums tend to happen when people just don't feel like compromising. Instead of playing a game of give-and-take, they just feel like they can yell louder and drown others out. Sometimes it works, and people just give in so they don't have to deal with the person who will just act like a child until they get their way. Sometimes it might even be necessary to do so, and so that you can get what you want out of the deal. Being a child sometimes is required when dealing with an equally stubborn adversary.

When someone goes into a temper tanturm, just run for the hillls while you can. Temper tanturms stem from a lack of maturity, or a sense of hopelessness. When people don't think that a mature resolution can be found, or don't think they need to be mature to find a solution, people can just devolve in little kids.

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