Why do some People Complain about everything

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"Why do some People Complain about everything"
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The people who complain about everything fill a very important role in our society. It is their job to complain. Without these people we would be prepared to accept mediocrity and not settle for the best.These people are responsible for maintaining the high standards we all take for granted.

When I go out to a restaurant I want top service and an excellent meal. After all it is my money that is being spent. It is my night to lash out and hang the expense. If I order a steak well done then that's exactly what I expect. If I end up with a steak that still drips blood why should I not complain? If the waiter takes an hour or so before taking my order why should I put up with such atrocious service? If I am given such a poor table that I have to struggle to see the floor show why should I not complain? By that stage it becomes quite apparent to the staff of the restaurant that some people would complain about everything. Would you go back there again?

Now the manager of that restaurant ,if he was wondering why his clientele was dwindling, should pay heed to customers who complain. These are the people who if not satisfied will never return to the establishment. These same people will broadcast how awful their experience was to all who come within earshot. The people who complain ensure the standards are maintained. If people complain about everything and say their night has been ruined then the manager should listen to each comment carefully and try to conciliate. Some complaint may be unreasonable . Some people will test your management skills to the limit. The wise restaurant manager will use every means at his disposal to appease his customer and have that customer leave the restaurant not so much remembering the list of complaints but remembering the extra ordinary talent of the manager in rectifying the night.

Service should be paramount if any business is to be conducted profitably. Those establishments who ignore complaints do so at their peril. Word of mouth by numerous unsatisfied customers can destroy a business. It has estimated that for every retained satisfied customer a business has, it is worth eight people who just maybe be attracted by advertising. Employees need to realize that a customer is spending their own money and are not doing a favor to the company who employs them by giving them their custom. It is quite reasonable for a customer to complain if the work performed doesn't meet their expectations.

Everyone has heard of a complaints department. Spare a thought for the people who have to handle complaints. Of course there will be people who complain about everything. It is also true to say that some people are never satisfied no matter how much attention has been paid to their complaints. These are the people who provide the complaints people with the skills to do their job. They may not achieve one hundred percent every time in their job but a score rate of ninety nine percent could be considered well worth their Christmas bonus. I will concede that a hundred percent success rate is an impossibility.

So all those people out there don't be meek . Make it your job to complain about everything. Maybe then I can buy something that doesn't pack up two days after the warranty expires or have a wonderful memory of a night out . You have my blessing.

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