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"Why do some People Complain about everything"
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Homo sapiens (man) are different in the way they think, see, feel, express opinions and treat others. We all have our moments of madness which is normal in our life as human beings. What is not normal is for our moments of madness to be uncontrollable and rampant that they are noticeable by others around us.

Some people cannot just close their eyes to irritation no matter how small. Some are easily irritated, while some cannot control their actions in the midst of people when they are irritated, intoxicated or stressed. People complain because of depression; obsessive compulsive disorder; ego problems; adrenal malfunction; upbringing; lack of contentment; greed; influence of alcohol and drug etc. Though its is good for your health to give vent to your emotion, it is not good to do this everytime! People complain about everything because of the following:


Depression is a treatable illness that makes people feel sad and miserable over a long time. Depression is complicated because it is always hidden behind physical illness. It is believed to be caused by disturbances in body chemistry. This physical change in the body system can be caused by illness, by traumatic experience, stressful occurence such as illness, bereavement, unplanned retirement, break-up in relationship, and financial problems. There are numerous different forms of depression. These are, simple depression, bipolar disoder (also known as maniac depression), seasonal affective disoder and postnata depression. Common symptoms of depression include: nagging; feeling low, sad or miserable; persistent tearfulness; not getting pleasure from life; sleep disturbance; low self-esteem, extreme placidity; over-sensitivity; poor concentration and memory etc.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental derailment commonly characterised by perfectionism, over indulgence, repetitive thoughts and acts resulting in compulsive behaviours. intrusive and imagination. When somebody is suffering from OCD, he or she feels others are disorderly or cannot reason properly about anything he or she feels is not in order. OCD is not a way of being a perfectionist but an lead to it. It is just being too much immersed in something. It is a disorder and not a way of loving something. For example, a lady was fond of cleaning her car at least ten times a day and complains if people rest on it (you dare not sit on the booth or bonnet). When boys in the area noticed this, they smashed the front windscreen and when the lady saw it she fainted! She suffered shock and recovered in the hospital after the third day. The community Development Association (CDA) bought another car for her, but she still have compassion for the first car. She has not recovered from the shock of the broken windscreen up till today.

Ego problems

When an individual has ego problems and allows them to affect him or her, he or she feels he is better than others or that others are better than him, depending on the position of his or her ego on the line. This situation leads to alter ego. An alter ego is a second self or a second personality or persona within a person. It is the person that does in you what you will not have done yourself. It was coined in nineteenth century when schizophrenia was first used as a word by the early psychologists. Alter ego is the spirit that allows man to lead a double life. One life may be good, while the other is not.

Adrenal malfunction

The adrenals are part of the endocrine system of glands which are the chemical "security officers" that regulates the functioning of our bodies and minds. The body has two adrenal glands, called "adrenals" that rise like conical mushrooms, one from the top of each kidney. The adrenals are part of the body's endocrine system. The endocrine system is connected by the blood steam and it includes: hypothalamus and pituitary gland (located in the head); thyroid and parathyroid glands (located in the neck); adrenal glands (located above the kidneys); endocrine pancreas (located against the back wall of the abdomen near the stomach); gastrointestinal hormones; gonadal hormones (the gonads are the primary reproductive organs; the testes in the male and ovaries in the femal); placental hormones (formed in the lining of the uterus); other endocrine tisuues and hormones. These chemicals convert what we eat and drink from chemical substances which are useless to us, into substances which are useful and cause our bodies to function, gro and change, and provide the materials for necessary repairing and rebuilding. If these chemicals are not functioning well due to infections and illnesses, there will be over-sensitiveness to irritation and complain about everything.


The upringing of individuals matters in their life. A person that was brought up in a breakup home or in an atmosphere where there is always nagging and complaints by either or both the parents will be complaining about everything as an adult. Children learn through intuition. When they grow up, it becomes difficult to tell them how to behave because they have already made up their mind. A person with a background full of hatred and abuse will be complaining about everything from the system of governance to the way services are functioning in the system.

Lack of contentment

Contentment is ease of mind and satisfaction and does not necessarily means having enough. A person that does not have contentment mind will always be complaining about everything, either they are good or bad. If he or she does not have what others have there will be complain and if he or she as like others there will be complain because others are happy. One thing with discontment is that the sufferers find it difficult to know or express the cause of their disaffection.


While lack of contentment may lead to greed or greed may lead to lack of contentment, they are different and isolated. Greed is an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. While a greedy person will acquire more wealth or materials and will not stop others from acquiring their own, a disconteted fellow will not be happy seeing others acquiring what he or she is acquiring. A greedy person only complains if he or she cannot get as much as he or she wants. A discontented person complains of every situation.

Influence of alcohol and drug

Alcoholics and drug addists may find it difficult to control their emotions and complain about everything. Under the influence of alcohol and drugs, people may find it difficult to control their utterances and may complain about everything. Man often sees in terms of pictures. When someone is under the influence of alcohol or drug, what he or she sees is blurred and not the perfect representation of the true picture. The thinking faculty is blocked and cannot reason well. The result is either being reclusive or hyper-active. This sufferer of alcoholism or drug addiction may result into complaining about what he or she does not like.

On my way to London from Glasgow in the United Kingdom, one day in July 2007. I met a man who will be in his early 40's and when it was time to buy the train ticket, I was at his back. He started complaining about the way we were made to stand on the queu instead of the train services providers providing seats for us to sit. He was shouting on top of his voice looking for sympathisers to his cause. After we got into the train, he complained about the racks on which we put our luggages. His complaint was that they were too small to take all our loads. He wonder why the train owners could not remove some seats and put in their spaces more racks to take our loads. Apparently, he was not talking to anybody in particular, but only raging. He sat directly opposite me and as I did not want to cause sensation by standing up to look for another seat, I decided to stay put on my seat. This man virtually complained about everything from the way they announced our arrivals at destinations to the time they spent at each stations which he said was too much and the way people built houses without planting trees around them. He told everybody, whether they care to listen or not, of how he travelled in the forests and woods from Glasgow to London in the olden days and that now, the love of money and weak government have deforested everywhere. I enjoyed most of his complaints but they where just on every subject and came up every other minute that I became uninterested but I could not leave so that I would not become his subject of complaint.

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