Why do People Supress their Anger

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"Why do People Supress their Anger"
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Anger suppression is the act of restraining intense feelings of discomfort. From time to time, we all hold back when we are angry about something. It could be for the sake of our jobs, religion,children, careers or character. However, it is necessary to let anger out.There is no way to cancel anger out altogether. It will be there until the end of time. The only way to deal with anger is to manage it.

Anger is not necessarily unhealthy. Anger is actually our ally. It is there to warn you. This is because anger usually motivates us to delve deeper into our lives. It is like a tap on the shoulder mentally and emotionally. So, many of us should not ignore or suppress this powerful emotion because it could save our life.

Biblically speaking, God warns that man should be slow to anger. Notice, God never said " Suppress your anger". Even though God is love, He knows too that anger is beneficial. What he warns against is letting it overtake you prematurely. Allow yourself to get agitated, but gradually. Anger is a teacher for many of us, because we learn more about ourselves and others through anger more than most emotions.

Suppressing this is not natural because it is a survival tool. As I mentioned earlier, anger is there for a reason and acting like it isn't there will only delay the inevitable. Basically, it begins to build up. Below are reasons people allow it to build up.


When a person is climbing the corporate ladder, they do not want their emotions to thwart their chances of getting to the top. However, if a person were to go to some form of counseling while climbing, it would be more helpful to them. It is no secret that work is stressful and sometimes it can get to the point that a person is a balloon waiting to be popped. This underlying frustration comes from a deeper source.


What better reason to suppress anger than for the children. However, there is a time a place to release the anger. When the children are not in the home, go out side and let it out. It is normal to get angry. This does not make you a bad person. It only makes you human. In the end, children would rather live with a happy parent than a suppressed one. Give them that gift.


Some people suppress their anger because they believe it is against their religion. Some believe that pleasing God is about being " happy" all the time. First, religion does not impress God. God only wants a true heart. Having faith pleases God. Holding back anger does not because it is not genuine. God will see right through a person. It is best to attend spiritual counseling and talk to someone if you have an anger problem.


Lastly, a person will hold back getting angry because it is a part of their character. This is good and all but it is not natural or normal for someone to never become angry. If you ask me, these are the people that scare me the most. Having good character is being able to control and manage anger properly, not push it back.

If we allow anger to do its job and inform us, we will have a better time dealing with it. Let anger tell you about life. This is its duty.

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