Why do People Procrastinate

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"...and a message coming from my eye says leave it alone..."  -The White Stripes

People procrastinate for three very distinct reasons.  Fear. Loathing. Priority.

Procrastination, the very word, indicates no physical blocks from doing a thing.  That is, the word indicates that one can, one simply put it off.  Procrastination is a word which projects that an action will be done late, or not at all.  By its very existence in our language, it implies the understanding of human error.  It says, there will be problems.

In the case of fear, a thing which must be done may radiate a certain danger, or cost, which the procrastinator cannot afford.  Sometimes, the procrastinator fears his own ability.  In the case of loathing, it is, whether by nature or conditioning, an action which the procrastinator simply cannot stand.  Hates.  In the case of priority, the procrastinator has many projects, or responsibilities and puts off the least important actions, sometimes not doing them at all.

There are poles of human excitability, or inspiration.  On the one side of that comparison, is easy.  On the other side of that comparison, is hard.

Human beings, typically prefer what is easy.  That which requires little exertion and work.  Pushing a button is so much more easy than engaging in all of the work required to get something done.

Right now, I need a button to push to blow my neighbor's trash out of my yard.  I need another button to push for the lady who spanks.  She would need to spank a certain lawyer who procrastinated on my behalf. 

It is silly to think in terms of pushing a button.  Especially since action cannot be averted.  It is a cause and effect universe.  If one puts off action for too long, then nothing gets done and the effect is an overwhelming amount of work to do.  Or worse.

A good, creative mind can get much done, but only via action.

I have in my lifetime, known people who wanted to be important, but they did not want to deal with fear, loathing or priority.  They jump in on the chorus of personal responsibility and they look the part, but they lack something.

To err is human, and most times a procrastinator is thinking about what needs to be done.  Which, if you think about it is about one rung above neglect.

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