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Why do People Convert to Deviant Perspectives

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"Why do People Convert to Deviant Perspectives"
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Deviating Is Reaction

"For such offenses must come, but woe to the man through whom the offense does come...Woe to the world because of such offenses." -Jesus Christ

These "offenses" have been going on for a long, long time. The results, or reactions, vary. But the results and reactions are now what makes up a huge lot of American life. It is so pervasive that it has become a billion-dollar industry. Psychiatrists know it and, not being able to fix it, pharmaceuticals were invented. So jaded has psychology become to it, that though there are actual techniques and academic thoughts about certain reactions, they are seldom employed. Especially for the poor and ignorant.

It is a fact of the human experience that abuses, especially occuring in childhood, have profound effects on people. So profound in some cases, that one seemingly born to be, say, a lawyer, or a doctor, instead becomes chronically homeless. Or a predator. Or so infested with fears, phobias and compulsions that they do nothing at all. Or obsessed with sex. Or a killer. Or an elementary school teacher, to have access to children to abuse.

Or a preacher. Or a psychologist. Or a daycare operator.

So, why must the offenses come?

To devalue. Because really confident, healthy people are strong, and strong people are hard to manipulate. Hard to control. They might start thinking that they are "better" than others, like their own family. They might succeed, transcending anything the family has ever accomplished. Then there's the psychology which simply despises innocence.

This is the conclusion which I have come to after a lot of hindsight and observation of insanity, or deviance. "Conversion" to deviant perspectives doesn't just happen overnight. It is an outcome of nights spent weeping because nobody listens and nobody cares as a child. It is the manifestation of abuse or psychological neglect.

It is the rage at those who abuse you because you were abused. It is the haunting echo of degredation. The memory of being locked away in plain sight.

This is only my opinion, and I don't consider any religion to be the "norm". I don't consider society to be the "norm". Middle class SUV drivers are not the "norm". Psychologists are not the "norm".

Rather than searching for a "norm" or a "deviance", I search for that which makes sense to me and I don't intend to start a club. I don't want to huddle up with the deviant. No. I'm far too deviant for that.

I believe that there is a God and that is where I get my code of ethics. I have in the past ignored that God, attempting to be what others thought I should be, and the results were disastrous.

There is a monkey aspect to the human race. An apish need to monkey about, and having rolled with those monkeys, I am no longer amused. There's only so much liberal experimentation any human being can handle and people who go around cheerfully proclaiming that "We are alike, nobody's better than anybody else", give me the willies. Yes, I know that deviant and its cousin the sterilized snob.

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