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Why aliens visit the Earth:

In 2001, a conference held by the Disclosure Project, a group who investigate the truth about alien visits to Earth, revealed that over the years 57 alien species had been identified. But if this was true, why would aliens visit Earth, a primitive, backward planet with an epic history of violence? However, thinking deeper about the reasons for any alien visit could reveal more about us humans.

First, any alien arriving here would be alarmed at our hostility towards aliens of any kind because we can be a destructive and hateful species. All they would need to do is access our sci-fi back-catalogue of DVDs and witness even good aliens being wiped out either accidentally or because some megalomaniac distrusted those who came in peace and became a monster themselves. No alien in his/her/it right mind/minds would willingly want to be taken to our leader. Our entertainment would read like an anti-alien manifesto; a bleak warning to stay away from our little blue world. Yet, apparently, 57 alien species have dropped by, some repeatedly, to take a peek.

Some people suggest that aliens observe us to assess our potential to mature enough and join the interstellar community one day. They are waiting to see if we will destroy ourselves or fulfil our technological destiny and propel ourselves to the stars. The 21st
century will be an important crux in human history as the potential grows to destroy ourselves. So aliens could be weighing up the data on our innocent-looking blue planet which could either pack a mean punch or become a productive member of the inter-galactic village. Aliens are not revealing themselves to us while they stealthily abduct us, test, prod, or whatever else for fear of our xenophobic nature. But there must be something else that makes us such a cosmic curiosity? The aliens must see something in us to continue stalking our world; something unique.

Evolution drives the course of our world, but how universal is it? Human life is in the hands of natural selection, but suppose that it is not the case on other worlds. Suppose evolution itself evolves and throws up different types of progressive development in species. Who says that it is imperative for animals to have to compete to survive for better genes? Maybe that is so for Earth, but other worlds may have evolved differently and that is one reason why visiting aliens are so much more advanced. Earth could be an atavistic throwback on an anomalous evolutionary path and that is why aliens are so fascinated with us, like moths to a flame. We humans shouldn't have survived our evolutionary path. We're a live experiment to watch, a cautionary tale to other aliens and worthy of a fieldtrip from alien xenothologists'. Earth is evolution gone wrong. But are the aliens here to fix us with impromptu abductions? Invade and rule? Are they just going to stand by and watch nature take its course like some Star Trek Prime Directive mission? We humans may end up being quarantined to this world if we cannot overcome our twisted evolution.

More intriguingly, if aliens have been in contact with various individuals and/or organisations, or if the military have captured them, and scientists have examined' them, then what have they learned from any the 57 alien species? It seems that no biological advantage has come from any alien source. We have no modern miracle cures for the major diseases and we are still fiddling around with stem cells and biotechnology. The only supposed advances have been technological, to wage war and advance science to wage war. Does this mean our biology is incompatible with aliens? Has our evolutionary path has made us too different, no matter the fact that so many of the 57 species were humanoid with some able to pass as human. Is this why some abductees have implants in them to monitor their conditions for whatever reason?

In another twist, in the UFO drama, Taken' (2002), aliens were creating a special hybrid human in order to recover a part of themselves lost through evolution, but still present in humans. Humans could be the real missing link in universal evolution. We think we're the superior animal, just as the dinosaurs, mammoths and dodos thought. But these aliens could be the big game hunters, a la the Predators breeding Aliens for sport. Now Earth is due for a massive cull for our precious quirky genes, just as we get smart enough to leave our world and spread our evolutionary infection. The Anthropic Principle, that the universe is here and like it is, otherwise we wouldn't be here to observe it, must make a mockery of cosmic order. Our self-obsessed beliefs and arrogance must truly appal aliens as they try to fathom our skewered logic. Our deeply flawed human psyche might offend alien sensibilities as they try to figure out how and why we chaotic beings exist in an otherwise universal splendour.

But there is another dimension to humans in that many believe that a supernatural being created them and the universe. Imagine if that were true. Are aliens visiting us to see how we were made and to investigate God' through man? Aliens might not have such a concept, so they are laughing away at us and our belief in the unbelievable? Will the aliens descend and destroy the belief in God and shock us into the bright reality of the galactic order around us. Will we humans ever be the same once the alien neighbourhood replaced God? Will we lose that evolutionary zing' that made us so (supposedly) special? Maybe aliens enjoy seeing a reflection of themselves at an earlier stage of innocence.

Should we be scared of these 57 species of aliens and the rest? After all, we supposedly shoot down their craft, capture and dissect them, and scavenge their technology. Do these strange visitors from another planet really travel hundreds of light years just to be our cannon fodder? Are we evolutionally incapable of living in peace with other species? There are those on Earth, notably the military-industrial complex, who have a lot to protect in power and wealth and might stop at nothing to conceal the truth from us. Others maybe have true altruistic reasons in wanting to protect us from panic and fear. But what do the aliens gain? Why not show themselves, help us, guide us? All I can think of is that we humans are not ready. Our evolutionary path is still unwinding and the possibilities of our destination are too numerous to predict; so our future is uncertain. Humanity is a work in progress, a quantum flux, which will either decohere into nothingness or become positively entangled with the universe at large.

So, to any of the 57 species of aliens reading or sensing this article, give us the chance to evolve into the beings you want us to become and to join you in the cosmic journey of life.

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