Why Boys Dnt Cry Infron of Girls

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"Why Boys Dnt Cry Infron of Girls"
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It has long been ingrained in male minds that the very art of crying and showing tears is "unbecoming of a man". To actually show tears or using a loud vocalization of pain is tantamount to feminism. The thought of ever being placed into a feminine category is a death sentence for a male's overall image. That is the first reason why crying in front of anyone - especially girls - is just not allowed!

Yet one still will cry; it is an unavoidable facet of life. Most people are born crying and if so unfortunate may leave this world crying. It doesn't matter what age someone is, crying is a natural reflection of physical or emotional pain born from injury or empathy. Even happiness can make a person cry. It's far beyond a level limited to pain or sadness. Crying is natural and all men are perfectly capable of it.

Of course given a historical point of view, crying denotes weakness, and the stronger will always exploit that and turn it to their advantage. After all, if men on the battlefield were to show tears to the enemy, they'd be the first to be cut down. It is the confident man that builds the fires of fear in the hearts of their adversaries. Even if fear is felt, to act with confidence is to dominate the tide of victory. Besides that, a person with blurry eyes and a mucus-filled nose already has a serious handicap.

Now to the heart of the issue: crying in front of girls. While modern times site women as a gender who desire a human side to their significant others, they still can't get around the "bad guy" image they're so attached to. By this reasoning alone, no girl is going to want to go for a guy so "un-bad" that they openly cry in front of them. The only things that can be trusted for certain are the older standards, and the older standards are against men who show their tears!

This is seriously bad news to the emotional. While there are matches out there that will empathize with you and your type, it definitely narrows to options. Society doesn't favor the male criers, what better reason is there to not show tears before the one gender it matters the most? Of course it can't be done on a regular basis, but it can be done.

The one reprieve males can hope for is the one they don't want most - the death of a loved one. In this instant it is better to cry if you are sad, it's your right as a human being. Otherwise you may lose your any title of "caring" and "compassion" you once carried and transcend to the position of "demon". To spare yourself the demotion, it is better to cry with moderation, but let some slip. After all, there are always exceptions to the rule.

So hold your head high, walk proud, and be a man. And hope that you are limited in the use of the rule exception. You'll just be happier that way.

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