Why being an Introvert Isn’t always a Bad Thing

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"Why being an Introvert Isn't always a Bad Thing"
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Being an introvert is usually seen as a negative thing, and there are certainly a number of ways in which it can affect your life negatively - for a start, you will probably find it hard to socialise. However, being an introvert is far from being an entirely bad thing; in fact there are a number of advantages to being an introvert. 

*More thought

Introverts tend to spend a lot more time thinking through issues, partially, at least, because they have the time to do so. Putting more thought into everything that they do means that everything is dealt with in a much more thorough way - surprises and upsets are far less likely to happen to an introvert, because they have already thought through all scenarios in advance. Other, more sociable, people are probably too busy dealing with others to think things through properly. 

*Better organisation

Having more time to think things through thoroughly means that introverts are likely to be more organised than their extrovert counterparts. They are also more likely to pay attention to the little things that those who are busy bossing everyone else about can easily miss. Provided that they have the confidence to bring up these issues when necessary, this can really make a difference to the success of a project. 

*Different viewpoint

Introverts are usually great observers. They sit back and don't say much, so people tend to forget that they are there, but actually, they are taking everything in. They are therefore much more likely to be able to see both sides of an argument and, if asked, can probably offer a sensible solution. They are also likely to be sensitive to those who are less confident than the rest of the pack, therefore being able to cater for everyone's viewpoint, not just their own. 


Many people are heavily reliant on others, for finances, emotional support and decision-making. An introvert is much less likely to rely on others. Having always been introverted, they will have the ability to go through life relying primarily on themselves, because they don't want to have to ask other people for help. Although this can be unhealthy if taken too far, it is certainly an advantage for many, especially if they don't have anyone they can really rely on. 

*Calmer personality

Extroverts tend to be easily excitable and, despite their ability to talk to anyone they come across, they can be very bossy and overbearing. An introvert, on the other hand, is far more likely to be calm and have a calming effect on those around them. Many extroverts are aware of this and have someone who is more introverted in the background to keep them calm and grounded; this has a positive effect on both sides. 

There is a place for everyone in this world. Introverts may suffer because of lack of confidence and people skills at times, but without them, life would be very different. 

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